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Back from Hawaii

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hi guys! I'm back from my two weeks vacation to Hawaii and it was pretty great.
I say "pretty great" instead of "awesome" because EVERYTHING or almost that could have happened, happened.
Excluding a tsunami, which I'm glad didn't happen.

I won't describe it a lot here since I'm waiting until I get everyone's pictures to choose the best and talk about my trip.

Overall it went well.

The negative sides:
- Our first flight was delayed, then cancelled, and we spent 8 hours approximately at the airport trying to figure things out; the United employees handled the situation extremely badly, and gave us vouchers to spend the night at the only hotel that had free rooms nearby (the most expensive) that the hotel couldn't even accept;
- We were re-booked for THREE flights instead of two, the day after, which means we lost a day of vacation;
- I started feeling sick on the Montreal-Toronto flight, and being actually sick on the Toronto-Los Angeles flight; I puked 5 times on the plane, and three more times at the airport;
- Even though I slept on the whole flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu, I was still sick when we finally got there and could barely walk;
- When we got to the house that we'd rented two months prior, somebody was already occupying it until the next day (which means that if we got there on time, we would have lost TWO NIGHTS in it instead of one); we had to find a hotel, without internet access, on 9 PM in Honolulu, and it was pretty expensive;
- I puked again IN THE RENTAL CAR;
- We weren't very organized and the people I was with (my boyfriend and his siblings and parents) didn't seem very motivated by anything, which means we probably missed a lot since nothing was actually planned before the morning;
- I'm really broke;
- I really didn't eat well at all (but that I don't regret);
- My boyfriend and his brother caught whatever virus I had and were sick too (though not as much as me);
- After a couple of days everybody was starting to get tense and we fought a few times throughout the trip, really NOT FUN fights;
- I ate meat (more than I'm willing to admit);
- We had to take 4 flights in a row, over the course of 28+ hours, and I'm really exhausted, to come back, and I'm exhausted;
- We got to Montreal around 11:30 yesterday morning but had to wait our hotel shuttle for over an hour for no reason, even though they're supposed to pass by every 30 minutes;
- And the most negative of all...

We finally got to our cars, and I was driving home (it's a 2.5 hours drive), both exhausted (I slept on the flight from San Francisco to Newark, around 5 hours, but my boyfriend never slept), happy to be back, and really excited to see our cat.
Well you see me coming.

My boyfriend had texted the guy who was keeping him while we were gone, but never got an answer; and when we got near Quebec City, he called him, and he didn't answer. But finally he called back, just as I drove near to the bridge, and after they talked a little about the vacation, my boyfriend went silent listening; and I knew something was wrong because he was silent for a while, only saying "ok" at some points. I started crying, and he hung up, and told me that our cat was lost.

Apparently he ran away while the door was open, or something like that, I'm not quite sure of what happened actually. I was devastated, and I had to pull over; I cried my heart out; and I couldn't stop crying and screaming in frustration and despair. He ran away last Thursday, and all the guy did was post signs in the street and search for him; he didn't even call the animal shelters, which is normally the first thing you logically do. He said he'd do it today - four days too late.

Finally we got home, after picking up my apartment keys at my sister's place, and back here the first thing I did was to signal the loss of the cat on websites for Quebec City and the South Shore area (which is where he was kept), and find out which phone numbers to call today (since they're usually closed on Sundays). Then we drove to the guy's place (he was absent) and searched around a little, and I realized that he only posted two signs in his street, and that's it.

I was really frustrated, and I still am, but what more can I do but wait? When we adopted him from the shelter we bought a microchip that was implanted under his skin, and if he gets "scanned" (wether dead or alive...) the people who scanned him are going to get our phone numbers and info. We haven't got a phone call yet, so either someone found and kept him, either he's completely lost, or he's dead somewhere.

After some sleep I feel better today, but I'm still distressed, and it's hard not to cry. I had really high hopes when my boyfriend called the shelters this morning, but nobody had found or seen him.

I worked, and I had huge piles everywhere in my office, and so many things to do. But I think I'm gonna have a super busy week and then it'll be alright. Also if I have lots of things to do at work it'll keep me from thinking about Azrael too much.

But it's hard to be at home, and to see his things, and his toys, and to remember the super cute way he was playing with his mouse plushies, or when he slept with us on our pillows.

Now enough negativeness already, here are the good points of the trip (in no particular order):

- I got to swim in the ocean; under the sun, at sunset and at sunrise; we had a beach right in front of our house on Oahu, and I went there the first two mornings (celebrating not being sick anymore) to swim a little.
- I walked on a volcano and on solidifed lava.
- I went above the clouds on Mauna Kea (the highest mountain on Earth if you measure from the oceanic base) and saw the most beautiful night sky I'll ever see in my life.
- I saw the sunset at Sunset Beach.
- I walked around in light clothing - sometimes shorts and a bikini top - and felt confident and beautiful, and never even once thought about my appearance!
- I got to taste delicious hawaiian foods and discover the hawaiian culture, something I will never forget; it really touched me, it is so beautiful and simple, it really spoke to me.
- I saw giant green turtles sunbathing and eating, I saw the endangered Nene birds (descending from Canadian geese long ago!) and I saw plants and trees I'd never seen before. I've seen sceneries that took my breath away.
- I actually took a couple of hikes in those sceneries.
- I got to meet a friend of mine that I'd never met face-to-face before - an old customer of mine when I worked tech support. We first talked over a year ago, and we got along so well that when I left my job we exchanged emails, then text messages, and spoke together often. He was in Hawaii for six months (but had to leave early last week) and it was probably the only chance I'd have gotten to meet him!
- I got to snorkel for the first time in my life (twice, once on Oahu and once on Big Island) and I absolutely adored it - it's a new hobby of mine! (Too bad you can't snorkel where I live!)

When I get the pictures from my boyfriend's sister and mother, I'll share some with you guys and talk a little bit more about my trip. Right now I'm ordering mine and tagging them and trying to actually remember where we've been during the trip, LOL. I tried keeping a (written) journal there but I gave up after two days.

Glad to be back. I should get back to the gym this week - I actually missed it during my vacation! (That's positive!) And I'm glad I brought some of the aloha feeling with me. It's helping me being calm in this hard situation, and trying to see the positive side instead of curling up in a ball and cry all day.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Je suis désolée d'apprendre que tu as perdu ton chat! Je peux imaginer ton angoisse... ne perds pas espoir. Ma belle-sœur est partie en vacances pour deux jours. Nous avons été nourrir ses deux chiens et les sortir un peu. Elle ne nous avait pas dit que son petit chien se sauve. L'horreur quand nous avons ouvert la porte! On ne le trouvait plus. Finalement à force de marcher et de l'appeler, j'ai rencontré un voisin qui m'a dit que le chien avait l'habitude d'aller deux ou trois maisons plus loin. Je le vois finalement, l'appelle, et il part à courir de nouveau, mais en direction de la maison. Il est rentré la queue entre les jambes. Le "/$@#. Quand j'y suis retourné, je l'ai mis en laisse. C'était hors de question que je le perdre à nouveau. L'autre, un vrai bon toutou docile.

    C'est vraiment plate que tu es été malade. Quelle malchance!

    Je suis contente que tu aies malgré tout passé de belles vacances. Tu en garderas de bons souvenirs.

    emoticon emoticon
    1427 days ago
    good to see that despite everything you had a nice trip!

    1428 days ago
    Wow. Being sick sucks. We all good the rest of the year.. why can't it be the same when we get to our ONLY vacation???? Damn. Life's funny that way.
    You know, I was happy you've put so many positive sides in your blog. That's what I wanna remember from your trip : that you had fun, that you did sutff you wouldn't have done otherwise and that you were with loved ones.
    That's all.
    Now.. get your pictures sorted fast, I wanna see 'em =)

    1430 days ago
    I am so sorry you were sick for the beginning part of you trip; I hate that for you.

    Let me just say I hate all the bad things that went wrong for you and your crew my dear friend. Man, we plan trips to get away, relax and have fun.

    Can't wait to see pics. Glad you made it home safely.

    1430 days ago
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