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BLC25: Final Fitness Test & Plans For In-Between

Sunday, July 20, 2014

I wanted to outline my plans for the break between round 25 and 26, but I also wanted to talk a bit about my fitness test!

As part of the BLC25 we had to do the SP Fitness Tests every 4 weeks and I made marked improvements! Namely, my heart rate after doing the 3 minute step up test was dramatically lower and that is due to the change in my thyroid meds, but also because I am fit and strong!! Due to finally getting my heart rate under control I improved on the number of push-ups I can do in 1 minute! I went from 23 to 35!! And, I do do full push ups, not modified and really think SP needs to give a ranking for women who do full push-ups! I also improved on my crunches in 1 minute going from 30-some to 45 in 1 minute and for each time I decreased my minutes for a 1 mile walk by 2! So, all around improvements! Yay me!!

So, yes, I need a plan. I love challenges. I love how in the BLC we are given weekend challenges to work on healthy habits and if I am to be honest, they have not always stuck! But, I want them to stick this time and I want to keep losing weight! So, my in-between plans are:
*Track, track, track! Keep using my WW tracker and track, track, track! I already can see that one of my big problems is my alcohol consumption. Not that I'm a drunk or anything, but wine burns up a lot of WW points! 2 5 oz. glasses is not 8 points, but 9!! So, I need to either cut it out completely or stick to 1 small glass!
*Continue with weight watchers. Attend my weekly meetings and follow the plan. I'm actually losing and it feels good! I'm also learning new tips and tricks each week!
*Continue to exercise like a nut! It makes me feel good. It makes me feel strong! So, my plan is to not stop!
*Continue eating a lot of freggies and drinking my water!
*Ask for support when I need it! When the Mexican food is calling my name.... Check in with my teammies and ask them to direct me to a healthier option!

So, that's that. I can do this.... I will do this....
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