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Day 42: I'm Not Perfect

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My weight loss journey has really been teaching me things about myself. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to following programs. This can be detrimental especially when you follow a workout program that gives you a schedule for when to do each workout DVD. If I ran out or was short on time, I would either start the whole program again or just stop all together. I would forget that the schedule is just a guide and if you don’t follow it exactly, it’s not the end of the world. The same would go with diet plans as well. Heavens forbid that I forgot to eat a snack or didn’t eat at a certain time of the day. I felt like I had failed and started the program the following Monday.

Well, that was the old me. My focus now is to be sure to attempt the workout and if I find myself not able to follow it as written, I changed things around to suite my situation for that day. Same goes with my eating. As long as I aim at getting in the main meals, I’m doing better then what I was doing in the past. This journey is more than being perfect, its learning what will work best for me to last for the rest of my life. I’m developing a healthier lifestyle, not a short term fix.

June was my turning point. I have been doing the workout program, Les Mills Combat, and I have yet to miss a workout. I am proud of myself because usually I would have missed a few days or had started with day 1 again. What has changed for me you may ask? I have finally found a workout that I don’t want to miss. I find it fun, even the 60 minute workout. It helps that I am getting results and others are starting to notice as well. I am also working towards getting a free t-shirt for entering my results.

Starting today, I will start my transitioning of removing wheat from my diet and eventually changing to a paleo diet. I am taking it slowly so that I will be able to adapt to the diet change. In the past when I did cold turkey, I failed and ended up going back to old habits. I have learned that I need to take the change one day at a time and eventually I will be doing it without having to think twice. That’s a journey in itself.

Now that I have admitted that I’m not perfect, I feel the weight lift off of my shoulders. Perfectionism kills the learning curve of the journey and makes you judgmental of yourself. You will eventually find yourself resenting your attempts to changing your lifestyle and getting stuck in your destructive bad habits. I am grateful for not letting this get the best of me and that I am starting to live and not just exist.
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