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What I Loved About BLC25

Saturday, July 19, 2014

You know, I wish I could learn to upload a pic from my phone to my blogs! And, please don't bother giving me lessons. I am blind and have to learn how to do it on my own and one day I will! But, that is besides my point....

I joined BLC25 as a Sunset Stingray in January to help me stick to healthy habits and hope that a bit of competition would inspire me to lose weight! But, I got so much more out of it this time! The BLC is a member created challenge administrated by some terrific people who put in an awful lot of work to plan, organize and run the challenge! I just want to say thanks to them for all they do!! I've done BLC challenges with this same group before and lost a little weight, but then gained it back! A little weight was the key! I never made my goal to lose 12 pounds and actually, I didn't this time, but I got closer than ever! I actually lost weight this time and for the first time in a long time feels as if I can lose weight and am not just stuck here at this weight!! And, I thank the BLC Admin team and my Sunset Stingray Sisters for the inspiration, the motivation, and the support it took for me to lose!!

What did I like best about BLC25? Well, I can't lie! I liked actually losing weight this time and of course that came from me, not the BLC25! But, what I did love was the team support, the friendships and the inspiration to see so many people putting so much into their healthy habits! On my team alone we had one young woman do a triathlon which awed me to no end! She is now embarking on a very long bike ride with her dad, which I find totally awesome! (my 80s teen is coming out in this blog) Another friend on the team runs some kind of race every month! She has done at least a 5k every month and 2 half marathons so far! She is so impressive and yet filled with self doubt and in helping her overcome her own self doubt I learn how to over come my own! Another young woman does these awesome fitness programs with her trainer and rarely, if ever misses! I don't know if her weight tracker is accurate at this point or not, but she has more to lose than I, yet she gets out there at the gym and works it! She is not ashamed to go there and improve her health! That inspires me to no end and when I say she works it, I mean she really works it! I'm pretty sure I could not do half of what she does with her trainer! She is a true inspiration to keep me trying harder! Another woman has been battling a broken ankle and oh boy do I know how that is! Yet, she always found ways to participate in every challenge and to cheer everyone else on! Another woman does cross fit and I can tell you right here and now I could not do some of what she does! Yet, her accomplishments motivate me to become stronger and build my endurance! I'm on a team of cancer survivors, working mothers, grandmothers, women with various health issues and emotional pitfalls, but we all pulled together to become our best! The teamwork is simply amazing! I don't use the word amazing lightly and I mean it here! So, the best part of the BLC25 is the comradery!!

I also enjoyed the challenges, the success of every team, and how well put together every BLC I've been a part of is!

What did I get outta BLC25? Weight loss, strength and friendship! I'm down 10.6 pounds altogether and 9.something for the BLC25! I still have 1 more weigh in to see how much of me is gone, gone, gone! Quite a few of my teammates are on Weight Watchers and I decided to give it a try. Guess what? I'm losing!! So, I appreciate how my teammates shared their success and tips with the team which got me to go to WW one more time and give it one more shot..... It is working!

What about a Non Scale Victory? Well, don't know I can name just 1.... Going into BLC25 I thought, well if I can't help my team with weight loss, I'll help with my fitness minutes and oh boy have I racked up some fitness minutes!! I have 16,506 FM since January and my yearly goal is 24, 000! I've already walked 347 miles of my yearly goal of 365! And, I lost weight which I didn't think I could do! Honestly, I was at that point! But, the weight loss is not a NSV.... My clothes are getting big! I had to buy mediums instead of larges in my exercise shorts this year! I had to get rid of 2 bathing suits that started falling off once they got wet! Jeans that once were too tight are falling off of me! I went zip lining and climbed the cargo net "ladder" and hiked up the hilly and rather rocky/twiggy hils to get to that ladder and only was huffing a little and that was due to the heat, not my shape! I can exercise in the pool and I don't mean just jump around, but do exercises that make me sweat and get sore for over an hour at a time! I can do intervals of walk/jog for longer times, I am stronger! I've had no problem eating at least 5 freggies a day, most of the time it is between 8 to 12! I am drinking my water and enjoying it! I am going on another cruise at the end of the month and am not dreaming of laying on the beach sipping a banana colada, but thinking and planning how to get my exercise in while at the beach!! I feel better! Despite an overactive thyroid for a short time and some serious emotional issues I feel good! I got a cold this summer and it lasted only 3 days instead of 7! Those are some serious NSVs in my book!

I'll have to check, but I think that is what I needed to talk about for the last challenge of BLC25! I'm off now to do my fitness tests and see how much I improved because I know I have improved!

Thanks once again to the BLC25 Admin Team, my Sunset Stingray team Captains, and all my wonderful, inspiring, and motivating Sunset Stingray friends! You rock and you inspire me to rock!!
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