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Be Real

Friday, July 18, 2014

" If you're phony they will feel it in the farthest row of the arena . You have to really care . And you have to make yourself care time and time again." Tom Petty

You are the star of the show whether you know it or not and your cells are your audience. We are constantly making new cells and replacing the ones we have. That why sometimes our hair feels and grows in fuller or our face may get clearer, our muscles stronger.

So don't be a phony with half workouts and lousy eating ,every cell and fiber in your body will know and rebel. Believe me you can't get anything past these guys , they have your number.

An audience always knows when you are having a bad night .

The whole world knows Kacy Catanzaro is not a phony . The pint size gymnast , at 5 feet 100 pounds , did what most men couldn't do. She ran the whole obstacle course on American Ninja Warriors. She had to reach and jump farther than her size. She never gave up she modified her way through. She became the first women to tackle this elite course. Her boyfriend twice her size and wingspan has been training to do the same thing for years and never made it through , along with many of the favorites from years past.

Kacy gave her all . She believed in herself. She had fun doing it. She modified, she used her strengths and didn't bother with her weaknesses .She proved that you can do anything regardless of size, age, height and physical disabilities.

So let's all stop being phonies with weight loss and exercise . Let's rock the house like Kacy did. Since I saw her run I have upped my game . If I think I can't finish a rep I now say "One more for Kacy. Give it all you got", My workouts have gone from phony to outstanding , and I believe my audience will be most happy , and reward me with good health.

Everyone have a great day. Have the best Aloha Friday ever. Don't forget to rock the house. If you haven't got a chance to see Kacy's run watch it here at spark people . .She is amazing and my new ultra idol. Believe it or not sometimes you are too. Hugs, happiness and healthy living

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