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Borrowed from another blog, felt like a Q&A & trip notes!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

What is your go to chewing gum flavour? I don't chew gum!

For you, what is the best time of the year? Summer is the best time for me. However, fall is great as well!

What color toe nail polish are you wearing? I don't wear nail or toenail polish!

What is your favorite pie? I don't like pie!

What was the 1st record you ever bought? The first cassette I bought was Duran Duran I do believe!

What current perfume do you use? I use Body Spray but not perfume. Paolo is allergic to most perfumes so I don't use any!

Do you have any trophies or awards? No trophies, but various awards for writing and work related awards!

Best day of your life? Getting married to Paolo and surviving Scoliosis surgery!

Do you cuss and swear? Only if I hurt myself!

Celebrity crush you would get a hall pass for? Uh, Gilles Marini or Patrick Stewart maybe. (Some of it is the accent but both come across as being very male. I like that very much.)

What is the new reward if it isn’t food anymore? Food was never a reward for me. Music, books, clothing!

What makes you the Zodiac sign you are? I am Cancer and I am pretty close to what most sites say what a crab is like.

What is your goal weight? I like to be round 125-130 pounds and I am holding steady with 127-ish.

What is your biggest struggle with weight loss or maintenance? This one is kind of hard to define right now. I have to keep thinking about it. Just making sure I am keeping track of my food intake so I am not eating the wrong things!

What has been your favorite vacation/trip? Gee, I don't know lol. Being in Milan for the past week and a half was quite good. I could skip Paris but I like it so far being with Paolo.

Do you think you are a giver or a taker? I give more than take, unless I need to be a taker. Paolo says I give too much of myself but I'm not so sure about that but I won't argue the point with him.

Would you prefer a Beach house or Mountain cabin? Beach House for sure!

If you monogrammed your towels? I wouldn't do this its a bit too much. PKG, if it was necessary though! (Paolo's initials)

If Someone offers you free plastic surgery, what do you do? Fix my ear or lift the breasts slightly lol! I'm not likely to do plastic surgery.

Do you have a nickname? Yes, a few but I'm not saying!

LISAN0415 added this question: What would your dream job be? A Dancer or writer!

My question, if money were no object and you had a month to take a dream holiday in any way you choose, what would you do? I likely would stay in Milan and live in a nice hotel and be alone with my SO. We'd come back 5 pounds heavier I'm thinking lol!

Now cut and paste this Q&A but I want to see your answers! Add your own question as well!

Edit--Arrived in Paris earlier and heard about the Malaysian Airline, very horrific. I've seen a few comments on Twitter and honestly some people really know how to be crass and ugly about these things!

A few aimless thoughts...Paolo and I travel light, you don't need as much as you think when you are on the road. I made sure I brought enough underwear and socks though. I think if you travel enough you can figure out what you need more than anything and what you can leave home and get on the road. I showered when we got into the hotel room after Paolo freshened up and left. Being on planes or other transportation I figure its better to be safe than sorry and come down with a cold or flu. I did some walking and strength training while the SO was gone and I could grab a nap after I came back in! I had some nice coffee and a banana muffin while I was out which made me happy.

I haven't eaten much junk on holiday. I usually don't usually but the last night in Milan Aunt Miranda made a spice banana cake with a chocolate frosting. I ate a decent piece too. No ice cream though even though it was on hand. I took a taste of a vanilla and it was very good. The banana muffin earlier I needed with my coffee because I didn't eat much before we hopped the plane and on the way over I slept mostly. I had a good dinner earlier round 7pm because Paolo wanted to just order room service and take a walk and then settle down because he has a half day of meetings and then he is free until Spain for a few hours of meetings. He is done with business after that until we get home; he gets back to work on the 29th! He goes back on Tuesday since he has meetings all day.

Paolo definitely has gained 5 pounds but he says he'll worry over it when we get back home. He can drop 5-10 pounds quickly with proper diet and getting back to his regular eating, exercise and chugging water. Makes sense to me! He's been a little busy with family, work, meetings & visiting; his exercise has been mainly walking, some strength training and he got in running in Milan. His cousin Trey is a runner as well so those two went at it. I don't run so I wasn't starting then. I have done my best to keep up with my exercise but its easier to follow the serious program at home. Walking, strength training, yoga, stretching, exercise videos have done me proud. I had an elliptical in Milan but here in Paris I won't have access. I probably won't until I get back home though but if I can find one it would be lovely. I feel pretty well but being on planes is a sardine situation so after I get off I get in a little stretching. NO worries I have been drinking like a fish so I weighed myself in Milan, I'm 127!

Happy Friday, yeah, okay Friday the 18th~
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    Buon jour MyaKayah, how are you? hope well and happy. Wishing you a great day ahead, and week.

    1369 days ago
    1370 days ago
    have an awesome time on your trip
    1371 days ago
    Thanks for the sweet advice on taking it easy so I can get well. I consider my workout as relaxation because it calms me down. I know that insane but that's me, crazy and nuts for nuts. Have a good time on your vacation! It won't be long and you will miss the time you had on your trip! Savor every minute! emoticon emoticon
    1371 days ago
    Your trips sounds heavenly, glad you are enjoying it. Just delay the Spark stuff until you are back home. Bon appetit!
    1372 days ago
    Since my summer plans have changed, I am hoping to be in the high 130's by October and then no more than 125 for my birthday in March of next year. You are taller than I am (5'2") I believe.

    Your vacation sounds wonderful and you are in good spirits.

    Don't be offended at me not doing the questions. Your answers were wonderful BTW.
    1372 days ago
    I think when you're traveling worrying about food is pointless, so good for you in that! And getting your exercising in! Enjoy the time with Paolo - emoticon
    1372 days ago
    1372 days ago
    1372 days ago
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