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You Know You Are Old When....

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

As many of you know on June 18 I turned 49. 49 does not bother me! My parents were told I may not se age 20, so every year is a gift to me!! But, even though I am young at heart, I still get signs that age is creeping up on me and I may actually be.... Dare I say it.... Old!!

1. The music you used to find so rad and controversial is now your background music for your walking workouts! Yep, those "rad" groups like The Clash and yes, even The Sex Pistols and a whole lot of Van Halen are key parts of my walking workouts!! They now hold no political interest to me and I listen for the beat that allows me to get at least a 15 min. mile in!!

2. Young people tell you that you really don't look "that" old! I know it is meant as a compliment, but the "that" word in there doesn't make it feel like one! How old am I? Am I really 'that" old? I don't think so!

3. Some of the music, bands, TV shows, movies you reference are not recognized by people under age 40! What? You don't know the Go-Gos or Cheap Trick? You thought so and so came up with that song? You never watched Pretty in Pink, 16 Candles, The Breakfast Club? What young planet did you come from anyhow?

4. The only way you can twerk your buttocks is to jump up and down. BTW, mine don't bounce any more! What is a twerk anyhow? Just kidding!

5. Many of the bands from your teen years are making remarkable comebacks and some of the singers sound really old.... In fact, they sound "that" old!

6. When talking to young adult girls, ages 19 to 25 or so, you hear your mom's voice coming out of your mouth! You tell them that sex isn't everything. You tell them not to settle for a man, but the right man. The fact of this matter is that you don't hear my mother's words so much as her meanings.... I'm a bit more foul mouthed and brutal than she ever was! But, I have heard that you are too good for him come from my lips!

7. Bars and even some popluar restaurants are just too loud for you! You can't hear your companions talking to you over the background din! That same din and all those smells used to mean life to you! Ah, please let me go home and listen to my CDs! Yes, I finally graduated from my casettes! What is a cassette you ask? What young planet are you from anyhow?

8. While being young at heart and assuring yourself you are not "that" old you find that your knees pop, your shoulder sticks occasionally, all those broken bones that healed so quickly are now yelling at you....

9. You used to be able to literally dance all night long and now after a few fast songs from the 80s you are ready to take a break and drink your water, not your beer!

10. When you do drink alcohol you wake up feeling like a zombie, only deader! What? Am I really "that" old?

Well, I feel young except when it comes to video games and new and improved technology. I truly believe I am too old to wear low rise jeans and cropped tops. I live for today instead of worrying about tomorrow. And another mature thought is that I really don't care what other people think! As long as I am doing what makes me feel good, whether it is jogging with my "that Old" boobs popping me in the face; or, dancing 80s dance moves to current pop songs; zip lining; exercising.... I am doing it for me and only me! So, just go back to your young planet anyhow! I really am not "that" old!!
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