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18.12 Challenge - Training week #10, crazy hilly LSD

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

10 weeks down, 6 to go! This week had lot's of good stuff going on. Biggest one was a family reunion in McConnelsville, Ohio. So nice to see my Hun's family, they say I get along better with them then he does! LOL!

I took the time on Saturday morning to do my LSD. This week it was 14 miles, yikes. "I can do this." Yes, I can. I decided to venture off of the familiar territory that is all flat along the river and go away from the river. Boy was I in for a surprise and although I have some photos, they do not really do it justice.

The 2 mile uphill climb out of town lead to rolling hills along the top of he ridge with beautiful views as my reward. The run up was a slow go but manageable, I just kept telling myself "once at the top it'll start rolling down hill". Enjoy the rolls now.

So I enjoyed the rolls and thought I was headed down hill back towards the river only to find out that it was a series of up one hill and down the other side only to go another. I was running on a roller coaster! In the middle of the ride I encountered loose dogs barking at me at two different locations. The first time I stood for awhile yelling at the dogs and the owners that were nowhere to be found. Not wanting to turn around, (I fought to hard too get this far) I started talking nice to the doggies and tried to be friends. They bought it. LOL! Yes!

After the next encounter with dogs which I did not want to be friends with, I found a stick and started my "warrior run". Never saw another dog, lucky for them. This warrior is not letting anything stand in her way. Not even another hill.

Did enjoy the pretty wildflowers along the way.

Finally I am twisting and turning my way back down to the river, no joke, it really was all down hill from there! A hard down hill.

Once along the bottom and full of relief I was enjoying the river again. What a beautiful sight, the hills are done!

The old bridge back to the shower, dry clothes and food which I seriously now need. Woohoo!

It was an LSD of 14 miles at 70 degrees and 88% humidity. Wowser. After checking my Garmin, I had a 987 foot elevation gain! Yikes! That was some hill!

So here are the weeks tallies:

Run #1 - 5 miles (Hot and humid but decent run)
Run #2 - 6.5 miles (Fast paced walk w/my son) emoticon
Run #3 - 6.45 miles (Yes! Great time and weather!)
Run #4 - 14 miles Crazy Hilly LSD

So all in all, I had a great week! The icing on the cake is I had to use my rescue inhaler only one time during any of my runs! I always use it before and normally have to use it several times during. The new medicine must be working or my lungs decided that I am tougher then they are and decided to quit fighting with me.

Woohoo! I am feeling the accomplishment that goes along with the training and loving it!

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