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The Truth About Fat-Burning Foods (thanks Lovely B)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"The Truth About Fat-Burning Foods". I'm really sick of SparkPpl playing with peoples emotions and getting us confused in regards to which foods to eat to burn fat. In one article, an "expert" will say: eat a banana. In a 2nd article, another so called "expert" will say: don't eat bananas! I hold SparkPpl responsible big time for this confusion. I honestly use SparkPpl only to track my carb intake per day.

I'm no doctor but I don't need a Ph.D. to know that sugar raises INSULIN which will then "ask" your brain to STORE FAT. No Sugar, equals to no Insulin which equals to no Fat being stored. Simple! ASK ANY DIABETIC: the body does not make a difference between an apple and a Caramilk bar. It's different on the plate but it's no different to the human body. Sugar is sugar, whether it's an apple, legumes, a chocolate bar, a banana or pasta.

Your body works on FUEL and there are 2 kinds of fuel: Glucose (sugar) and Fat.
You burn what you eat (Dr. Eric Westman).
1) So if you eat Carbs, your body will burn carbs and store the remaining in your cells.
2) If you eat Fat, your body will burn fat instead of sugar since you're not providing it with sugar. Fat doesn't raise your insulin level. Makes sense? You don't need a Ph.D. to know that.

What about Protein? Most people think that a low-carb diet is all about eating lots of meat. Wrong! Protein is not a fuel. Proein's purpose is to MAINTAIN muscle mass and other organs of the body. That's it, that's all! You cannot live on high-protein. It's not necessary and moreover, whatever extra protein you consumed, your body will transform it into Glucose and I just wrote that Glucose is stored as fat because of the insulin.

So what do you eat? You MAINLY eat fat FOR FUEL because fat burns fat.
You moderate your PROTEIN and you lower big time your CARBS since your body doesn't require Glucose in order to survive. It requires Fat. The logic explanation: If you don't eat Fat, like most Americans do because of this fat-phobia that's getting everybody diabetic, your body will naturally produce fat. But with Carbs, if you don't give your body any carbs, your body will not produce any since it doesn't need it.
Result: Your body will then SHIFT from a sugar-burning mode INTO a Fat-burning mode.
Got it? Does that make sense?

Have Coconut Oil, 3 tbsp and more a day. Coconut oil is a saturated fat, not a Trans Fat. You need to get away from this poisonous toxic cancer man-made oil and margarine. Choose saturated fats: Olive oil, Coc. oil, walnut oil, butter, lard, palm oil, avocado oil...natural oils that God provided us.
Eat Eggs, have them 3-4 times a day. Eggs are the best food in the world.
Fish, meat, poultry (brown part), lamb, bacon, etc...

Carbs (20-30g/day): Broccoli, Cauliflower, leafy greens, etc...
I eat 15g/day or less and I feel great and my poopoo comes out great too.

Drop the bread, make your own low-carb or Ketogenic bread. Youtube is FILLED with ketogenic recipes such as bread, pankakes, crepes, desserts, etc.

Don't be fooled by so-called "experts". Research the info yourself and then decide what's good for you.
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