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Brenda is a sister

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Oh, oh, I have such exciting news to tell! Oh? Who am I? I am Brenda Starr Trek. I'm a fitness hybrid bicycle. You may remember me from my blog back in June, when I wrote about my big adventure at the triathlon:

I have such news to tell. My human Barb told me on Sunday, but I couldn't say until she brought my new sister home. Yes, I'm a big sister now. Well, not really. Because my "little sister" isn't really a baby... she's new, yes, but she's got so much going for her. She's like those bikes that were AROUND me at the TRI... not the fanciest ones, mind you, but some pretty nice ones. She's pretty. See? Here's her picture, after Barb brought her home.

But she's not just pretty. She's strong, and light, and smart, too! She has something called a duo-tap cadence counter, built right into her frame, that talks to Barb's Garmin watch! She can count how many times her cranks are pushed, as well as how many times her wheels go around. I can only count my wheel rotations and tell the odometer / speedometer attached to my handlebars.

Her name is Sophia, and she's a Silque Trek endurance road bike. She's promised that if I'm good, she'll ask Barb to put one of those cadence counters on ME! Barb assures me that I'm still her go-to ride on work commutes, and we *did* have a good time riding on Sunday. That's when Barb told me that Sophia would be joining our family.

I'm so excited to have another sister, even though it means I won't probably be doing any more of those triathlons. Sophia will do those. Oh, and Sophia told me she likes my pedals so much, she got a pair just like them, so Barb can use the same shoes on her human feet, no matter which of us she rides.

As Barb always says, LIFE is good. It's better when she's fit (and both Sophia and I help with that). It's at its best when friends and family are along for the journey (as is ALICIA363, who now once in a while brings my other sister, Uma Verigo Univega, the knobby tired mountain bike to visit). Barb keeps on creatively, consciously, and consistently making choices to support healthy living... and being GRATEFUL for each and every day.

I do, too. I have SISTERS! emoticon

Namaste, as Barb says. emoticon
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