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Rather quickly...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

This is just a quick update on what's been going on...

1. I kicked JR and Angel to the curb officially.

2. I have surgery coming up on the 23rd to remove several cysts in both ovaries and start the process of reconstruction surgery.

The short and sweet version of a rather long story... My 1st husband and I got into an argument at his mistresses apartment when I was 7 months pregnant, back in 1999. He pushed me down the stairs and I lost the baby on impact.

I'm better off without him in my life. :) However, from the traumatic way that I miscarried, I have a lot of scar tissue that needs to be removed. With this removal I can try again for pregnancies in the near future, like within the next 5 years. I'm hopeful.

3. I started chatting with Eli. He's..... ummm... For lack of a better description... He's 6'4", stocky Mexican. I kid you not, he looks like a tattooed thug or a bouncer for a club. He actually has a BS in Environmental Science, an AS in Chemistry, graduated with Honors and was part of Omega Delta Phi Fraternity. He's a deep baritone.

I'm hopeful, but on my guard this time. Nothing majorly romantic... Well, a candle lit dinner of pizza at his townhouse yesterday. He actually kissed me, but remained a complete gentleman. I'm keeping happy thoughts for now...

4. My homie g, Anna, kidnapped me and forced me to socialize at 2 different country bars on 2 different nights. I did dance the group or line dances, but mostly danced for Anna or the Lesbian Chicas next to our table (on the right of us). I wanted to keep my body moving the whole time I was there.

Periodically, we would make fun of the young girls and wanna be young girls....
* A prostitute covered more her body than what these girls did... Nothing left for the imagination!!!
* There was a "B-tch, He's MY Man!" fight that got outta hand rather quick, all people got kicked out of the bar, including their bachelor/bachelorette entourage. Anna and I had front row seats to the fight... They were 2 tables to the left of us...
* There was a "Metro" man on the dance floor... Suga, he had a girl in front of him and a guy behind him and was dancing provocatively! I told Anna, he's totally Bi, even before seeing him dance... lol. The dancing confirmed my statement.
* The waitress kept coming around us asking, "if we were okay?" Then the girl would dance with us. She even went as far as to teach us how to do the Footloose Line Dance and the Cooper-head Road Line Dance. She was fun! We left her a $20 tip for the dance lessons.

5. I have several plans going on currently...
* Saving money to buy Os's headstone
* Lady's Pokeno
* Business Plans - for my art work
* Business Plans - for my Interpreting work
* More socializing with Anna
* Budgeting via Dave Ramsey's Envelope System
* Applying for several full-time positions and doing interviews
* Getting back on track with my lifestyle change and exercising
* Buying my goal dress for motivation
* Creating more artwork
* Spending more time with the pups
* Spending less time on social media or other internet sites
* Going back to school for my BS and Master's in Deaf Education
* Saving for my move to San Antonio to complete said degrees
* New tattoo designs to cover up my left shoulder at some point in time

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