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MARATHON 3 Training WK(s) 3-5 (& 1/2ish) - Long Overdue UPDATE

Saturday, July 12, 2014

I have SO been MIA, but NOT slacking for sure! Here is a recap what's been going on in my world...

This marathon training has started off a bit rough, I have had all kinds of aches and pains and truly have not felt 100% thus far. I feel as though I am hacking it every single step of the way. I have a sneaking suspicion that I know the reason why - it's HOT!! I am seriously like a vampire and I am literally SCARED of the SUN! I wake up for my long runs when it's dark out, ONLY when it is dark out! Even then it's still not weather conducive to running very fast, my run times are slipping and I feel a failure! I know that this is in my head but half of running is mental so it's really effing with me right now...grrrr! It seems right now like a really silly idea to be running outside in these temps, and it's not even that hot this year! However, persevere...that's the name of the game and that's exactly what I NEED to do! Come marathon time when it is Fall and more reasonable to run, this will pay off *I hope* but right now it really sucks! Every Friday means going to bed REALLY early like a school girl in order to wake up to beat the sunrise. I'm telling ya - VAMPIRE style but I gotta do what I gotta do!

Not sure if this is the real thing or perhaps as a result of my fatigue from running in hot weather and also training for another marathon. My left shin hurts. So I wear the shin splint thingie. Then my left quad hurts. My right ankle hurts. And I am pretty sure that I have that plantar crap in my right heel! BLAH, blah, blah! I am starting to believe that I am a hypochondriac! GRRR! I HATE pain! Not sure if this is normal or part of the mental game thing. I am pushing through it...I have solutions though...

Yup! First time ever, I called last week and scheduled a sports massage for THIS Friday with a lady who is a triathlete, perhaps she can share some ideas about exercises that may help with my ailments. I am really excited about this! NOT as excited about the price tag but I am hoping that a good rub down (it's sounds so BAD to say that!) will assist with muscle fatigue which I suspect is an issue right now

SO, I have been a BAD, bad girl! I have been running with the same sneakers for which I began my LAST marathon training! WAY stupido! They say that sneakers should last up to 500 miles...I def think actually I KNOW that I have run more than THAT! So, yesterday I went to my running store and got my new sneaks - I went back to the Brooks Gycerin series 12, awesome shoe! They feel way light and I *think* or perhaps it is wishful thinking that using my last sneakers for so long may have caused some of my aches and pains...we shall see...

Now the BIG news! I JUST came back from a beautiful relaxing 7 day vaca in the Dominican Republic last week! AH, it was so awesome that I will share some pics at the end of the blog! OH, on the fitness front, I actually - even though I scheduled specifically a "break" in my marathon plan - I RAN outside in the DR! It was interesting to say the least! I only ran 3 miles 2 times outside BUT each time it was quite interesting! I saw horses, really quiet roads, a jungle and a man with a machete (it sounds WAY more dramatic - the man was simply cutting down coconuts from a tree)...true story!! OH, but I fell two times on one of my runs and scraped my both of my knees like a ten year old pretty bad. Both my knees were bleeding horribly and I looked like a MESS! BUT I did it and lived to tell the story...AND it put this hot weather thing in perspective for me because you ain't seen hot weather before until you run in the DR mid morning in June/July...rough!

Needless to say, vacation through a wrench in my overall "healthy lifestyle" I was back on the wagon as soon a I got BACK from vacation and beforehand I was very good. BUT I still feel a bit fluffy after going away and throwing caution to the wind with my diet. I exercised religiously though when I was away but you know that they always say that you cannot out exercise a bad diet...consistency is the name of the game as we speak...

YES, because that is the title of this are the stats...

WK 3
Monday - 5M pace run treadmill, 6.6mph
Tuesday - 3M, 25:25 outside
Wednesday - 3M treadmill, 7mph
Thursday - 5M treadmill, 6.6mph
Friday - off
Saturday - 6M, outside, 55:20
Sunday - off

WK 4
Monday - 6M pace treadmill, 6.6mph
Tuesday - 11M outside, 1:37:12
Wednesday - 6M treadmill, 6mph
Thursday - off
Friday - 3M outside - DR! 27:07
Saturday - cross train
Sunday - off

WK ish - vacation week - BONUS!
7/1/14 - 3M in the DR! 29:39, the day of the MANY falls! and a machete...
7/3/14 - gym treadmill, 6mph, 3M
7/5/14 - upon my return stateside...10M, 1:30:21
One other day of cross training besides...

Monday - 3M, 7mph treadmill
Tuesday - 6M outside, 53:46
Wednesday - 6M pace run, treadmill, 6.6mph
Thursday - 3M outside, 27:44
Friday - gym day
Saturday - TODAY 13M @ 0500 #ROCKSTAR 1:57:57
Sunday - tomorrow OFF!!

This was after DR running adventure - 3 mile trip numero uno! I was dripping in sweat and I am making a goofy face BUT arguably let's just appreciate for a moment that I was on VACATION and still sweated out 3M in tropical weather!

Me & DH!

Just me


I love palm trees!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    sounds like you are doing great.
    1369 days ago
  • BUTTERFLY-1976
    Oh the things we do for training. Lol. It'll all pay off when the temps cool down abit.
    Yay for the sports massage!!! I hope you liked it.
    Good for you & continuing your training while on holidays..Booo on your wipe out thou.
    Love the pictures..thank you for sharing :)
    1373 days ago
    Vacay looks AWESOME! You and your hubby are too cute! I hear you on the heat... I am used to it b/c I live in a year round HOT climate (you should hear me complain during the one week in the winter when it gets below 70*F here!), but I know it cam be a HUGE adjustment. Just think though... you will reap all the benefit of the hot weather training once the temps dip in a few months.
    1376 days ago
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