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Tuesday, 7/8/14

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Another one of those days where I just say, "Whew!" Feels like the trip to take my dad to the doctor was days ago, but it was just this morning. He had a solid check and nothing new came from it. I had about 30 minutes home before heading off for my injection fun at the Chiropractor's office.

That was interesting... I received two injections over the ovaries of Vit. B12 and Ozone. These are to help heal and balance "female" things. So far I've had a tremendous ache in my shoulders (only lasted about 10 minutes) and then the deep ache set in at the injection site along with extreme sleepiness. The visiting doc told me that over 24 hours I would probably have some emotions that just come from nowhere and to let them out as this is part of the process. Ridding the roots that are causing the unbalance. So far just sleepy and a blip of "quickly on my nerves" and that's all. Makes me wonder if depression is a root with the sleepiness.

I have aching enough and tired enough that I stayed home from the surprise birthday party tonight for the guy my hubby does a lot of work for. Wanted to go as it may be his last birthday as the cancer he is fighting this year is very aggressive. I knew I couldn't make it through the evening though.

This afternoon while I slept Maegann was busy working on a dress for her doll. She didn't want to use a machine so it's a very "rough" dress as far as seams, but it turned out cute and I was proud of her for sticking with it all day long.

Tomorrow morning I take Isaac for his visit with the ENT at 7:45 and I'm praying the Helichrysum oil will have shrunk the veins causing the bloody nose issue. We'll see what he finds and recommends.

We also have our first visit with the new counselor for Isaac at 11:30 and then I'll be taking him and the two neighbor boys to VBS at 1. So another day filled with going here and there, but at least more time at home for me.
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