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My Hope and My Fact

Monday, July 07, 2014

So many of us do the same thing throughout the year....
we have periods of super motivation and hopes and dreams.....
and times of no motivation, loss of focus and free falling into the whirlwind of "whatever!"

In my deep thoughts lately and chats with my inner self, I have tried hard to find the "thing" I could hold onto, that would swing my attitude to where it needs to go. This is where the "facts" came in....and why blogging and keeping track of things can be so helpful! I looked at the things I had to say when I was in control, feeling good.....in my blogs and journals. I looked at what I was doing, how I was getting that feeling.

That is where I found my facts.
Fact 1....I am not consistent at losing weight and making a lifestyle change- I am a "spurt-er"
Fact 2...it is very hard work and I really need to psych myself to keep at the good choices because sometimes, I just don't want to!
Fact 3...I do not keep good habits for very long! I give up.
Fact 4...I blog and record a lot more during my "on" times than my "off"
Fact 5...in times of complete happiness and success, I had small "wins" that I celebrated often
Fact 6...those "wins" hardly ever tied directly to the number on the scale!
Fact 7...life can be hard, sad, frustrating and devastating at times, and many of those times, I can't control everything and must learn to let go.

I also look back and realized that some of my happiest times were when I was out walking- either with a friend or by myself. Climbing a sledding hill or walking around my neighborhood. My body certainly benefited from the exercise, but my spirit was what soared!

I am taking the time to reflect and recognize my true hope- to have a more positive outlook and take small steps to better health (not to be a size or #)
my fact- walking has always brought me joy, and helps me feel complete. I will enjoy more of my hopes if I walk more!

What is your hope, and your fact?
Maybe if we just pause to recognize one hope and one fact and focus on those,
maybe we will start to really, FINALLY, get somewhere and stop just dreaming about it!

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