NSVs Galore and it's only 8 a.m.!!!

Monday, July 07, 2014

Some bad life drama is going on around me, but I am focusing on my positives. emoticon Enough time to whine and vent blog later!

Today I've had at least 4 NSVs (non scale victories) and it's only 8 a.m.!!! emoticon

So it's Monday and I pop awake at 4:45 a.m. thinking DH is gonna be late to work. emoticon He is EXTREMELY punctual about work and commitments. If he isn't 30 min before start time, he considers himself late. Then he is a GRUMPY BEAR the whole day!!! emoticon emoticon Fortunately he's not late. Unfortunately, he's got a stomach bug and called in sick. emoticon

I'm having my HOT tea and HOT skinny mocha routine emoticon browsing SP, trying to clear my cobwebs. Thinking about my 4 day streak of walking/jogging emoticon (Miracle!!!) and dreading the thought of getting out there today. emoticon Didn't walk all weekend and ate freely all weekend, mostly restaurant meals. Made good choices, just felt like I was CONSTANTLY eating emoticon I can see the results on my stomach....Don't want my head to pop off, so stayed away from the scale. emoticon emoticon

Anyway, enough of the dreck back story - on to the NSVs! emoticon

- As I was dreading away, I opened a SP email message that said I got a goodie. While I REALLY APPRECIATE all the goodies sent by my SP friends, this one from CHYNNA brought a smile, a tear and got me to get my rear out the door! She and I started on SP and WLS journeys about the same time and went thru the same challenges together in spirit.
emoticon emoticon

- I told myself since I didn't walk/jog for 2 days I only 'had' to walk 20 min and no jogging. I ended up walking farther than ever 35 min and jogged 150 steps. emoticon

- At jog step #150, the trail intersects and 3 walking ladies stepped in front of me as I slowed to a sweaty walk emoticon One lady turns and says to me that I can run ahead of her if I want. I felt like I was huffing & puffing like a train and about to collapse into a sweaty heap and pass out. Apparently I LOOKED cool, calm, in control like a 'professional runner' who could easily keep going but only stopped because of them. emoticon emoticon emoticon I was like "WHAT??? She's talking to ME?? WOW!! emoticon and smiled to myself all the way home emoticon .

- Passed neighbor of 20 years who is a 'regular' neighborhood walker. She didn't recognize me at first, then told me I look GREAT! emoticon

Having all these NSVs so early will help me get thru this Monday filled with pesky monthly routine, boring work tasks emoticon
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