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One last blog entry on trip - Earthquake Fault in Mammoth Lake

Sunday, July 06, 2014

I guess it's actually outside of Mammoth Lake but just a little bit. After we finished with Devils Postpile and hiking and were back in the SUV we went for a short visit to this earthquake fault we passed earlier on the bus on our way to where it took us. It was not on the bus route and we didn't have to ride to get in. It's actually in a section of the Inyo National Forest though, and very close to the highway.

There is a parking area and from there you walk down just a little bit to the fault. I guess you can walk further along too but we didn't have much time (had to pick up Lynda's husband Tom) and my feet were hurting and so was my whole body by then. I didn't have much hiking left in me ha ha. By the parking area is a large sign, but I can't even read it well at full screen so know if I post it no one can read it.

It's called a fault, but actually it's a fissure that opened up as a result of magma pushed its way to the surface (found if I magnify the picture on my screen beyond full screen I can read it.) The picture doesn't show well but it does say and show on the sign that the sides of the wall are 6 to 10 feet apart but it you look at them you can see they fit together like puzzle pieces. It happened 550 to 650 years ago they believe. It also said that because the rock is unstable to stay on the designated path all the time.

From there we walked the very short distance down to the fissure. They have 3 sets of steps, on different sides, leading down. I picked the easiest way that at least had a chain rope I could hang onto because with my balance I can't do steps without holding on to something or someone.

First here's a view from the top. This is also the set of steps I went down where I could hold onto something. On the other side, there is another set of steps you can see with nothing to hold on.

Looking more down into it. It also runs for a quite a ways along the ground. I'm not sure how far because we didn't follow it.

I couldn't get the bottom in this picture from the lower end of the steps but hope you can get the idea.

Lots of these little friends there!

This is the 3rd set of steps to the right a little bit as you are going down the set I went down. Slightly closer to the parking area but nothing to hold on to. A year ago that wouldn't have stopped me but now I am very careful.

Not a lot of good pictures but thought someone might like to see it. I would like to see how much further it goes back but couldn't that day. If I ever get there again I would like to see more. But before any hiking instead of after ha ha.

Have a great week!
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