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Exceptional People often need an Exception

Thursday, July 03, 2014

"There is no useful rule without an exception," Thomas Fuller

People who try to better themselves are exceptional in my book. We all know that their are a million rules to better yourself. It's always starts off with follow a .b , and c.

Every rule also comes with an exception .Why because there are a million people all slightly different but yet the same.

Because of this someone running laps may lose some weight . But another person's body may be overtaxed by this seminally average exercise and may lose more weight by simply walking around the block.

People always forget the rest factor in exercise. Our body under stress makes a thing called cortisol and what it does quite simply is block weight loss, Cortisol helps us hold on to fat. So if your body is under stress ,from work and home etc adding a stressful exercise will not help . Because your body doesn't understand the difference between a hard workout that will help ,or other stresses that are not good at all.
If you still want to do the hard workouts than go ahead but you need to find a way to rest your body more. Get extra sleep , meditate for 10 minutes a day , sit in nature, unwind have a bubble bath. talk to someone , maybe a professional. Maybe alternate between a hard workout and then an easier one.

The same rules goes for eating so many calories a day . Just because your friend eats 1200 calories and losses weight , doesn't mean the same will work for you. Weight loss depends on your metabolism, your height , weight , muscle mass , and how much you rest, and so much more .

So follow the rules and the guidelines but remember that you are exceptional, so you may have to alter or tweak the rules. Don't get discouraged or quit , you will find out what works and doesn't for you .

Remember that exceptional people often need an exception. Hugs ,happiness and healthy living .
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