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Silence is loud sometimes.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014 is day 3 of the most quiet this house has ever been since the family went on vacation without me. (Ewe!!! that sounds so sad and pathetic!!! but it's it in a nutshell, right?)

I woke up at 4 am moving by 5 am...working out and running on the treadmill by 5:30 and listening to my lecture series for school.

Yesterday and the day before were rest days since the weekend was so active and fun-filled. And I am serious about that one....the weekend I was busy the whole time...and I was alone the whole time....well, except for dinner-times.

THAT has been the hardest thing. Eating dinner alone...and I have been tracking and cooking because goodness knows - boredom can breed bad eating behaviors in an instant!

I was thinking about asking a few different people from work to go out to dinner during the week....but for some reason, I am holding back. One person lives in the town next door! LoL Still...something holds me back I am going with my gut on this one.

And I can call my sisters..but we have holiday weekend plans.

I am using the quiet to my advantage, really....alone, but not too lonely....yet.

Honestly, cooking my way has been nice....I have made and eaten everything my family WON'T!!! LoL

Curried Shrimp - eaten on Monday with leftovers purposely made for Tuesday's dinner.
Today was linguini with clam sauce! Lunches have been awesome salads and fruits and yogurt.

Portions for one are interesting...if I were not tracking, I could easily overeat.

OK - so, why am I tracking nutrition again? Well, because of all of the dinners I ate out at this past weekend!!! Oh boy! Talk about sodium thru the roof!!!

I also went bathing suit shopping and was seriously less than pleased with some puffiness that has not been around in years....that means to get back on track to feel good again... It's been a long time coming, really....the suit was the last draw.

Happy to say after eating better, 4 days later the suit I bought fits better that when I bought it. Crazy stuff how our bodies react.

Oh, and don't forget the post-workout puffiness!!! Holy mackerel...ever notice how you bloat up a little bit after a good workout??? I sure do. My body retains water while it heals itself and flushes out all of the gunk. 4 days later...I am much better because of the water intake and the flushing out. Ahhhhhh.....

Anywhoooooo...that's what going on here.

I even took a dip in the pool after work ... in the new suit to try it out! LoL

I hope everyone is having a good week - almost done with one workday left!!!
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  • KANOE10
    You are being very productive in your alone days. I went out of town by myself yesterday and treated myself to a Thai lunch. It fun to eat exactly what you want to eat at times. You are wise to be tracking with cooking all of your favorite foods. That can stop you from eating too much simply when something tastes too good.
    How fun that your hard work has paid off and your new swimsuit fits you better.

    I hear you on the sodium and water retention That happens to me all too often.

    Enjoy your last day of solitude or call your sisters if you need to. I would also listen to your intuition on not going out with people at work yet. Maybe with time as you get to know them???

    Even though it was hard that your family got to take a vacation while you worked, I think you have done a great job of staying positive and making it a meaningful time for you!

    1419 days ago
    That's the second blog I read this morning from a sparkfriend who is trying to get back on track after a few or more "bad days"! Including me, that makes three of us. Which only comes to prove what we already know, don't we Annie? It CAN happen! Anytime! And as you have taught me, my wise friend, only going back to basics - like food tracking - can get us back on the right track. And it's really amazing how our bodies can react to the change! I was just thinking about it yesterday after a yoga workout. Only three days after eating right I felt that I could do everything so much easier!
    Enjoy your aloneness! Sometimes it's vital for our souls. But if you feel it turns to loneliness, do ask someone out to dinner. Or make that phone call to your sisters.

    1419 days ago
  • DALID414
    I swell after a good workout, too.
    My jeans are so tight on the butt and thighs after a spin class, whew!
    After ST, I feel like the Michelin Man!
    1419 days ago
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