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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Today on one of my favorite teams page.. the leader posted a thread about, ... it is was not working change your approach.. well this got me thinking.. it is not working.. matter of fact this was my response:

when I started my journey in 2010, eating 3 meals a day 2 small snakes working out.. tracking my food and fitness on spark.. reading blogs, being part of a community.teams and always reading and researching healthy lifestyles and ideas it did work for me. the weight came off. and I was feeling good, and motivated.. my approach was to" shut up and listen" and get out of my own way.. I told my self that.. and it worked.

As you know things are not working but I just do not know how to change up any of what I listed above.. I still feel that I need to do all of that.. which I do but there is one thing that is going on and I NOW can see that.. I am in the way of my self.. everyday I am a road block and I know it.....

Yes eating less calories and burning more is going to equal weight loss.. but it is not working for me right now and I am fighting it.. so I need to look into changing my calories in and out.. and I am working on that..

Tracking??? I will never give that up.. I feel if I don't track.. I will lose control.. same with coming teams and forums.. but as I said I am In my own way.. I have not shut up.. I have not sought out help via articles and blogs.. wheather it be Spark or other stuff.
but I think something just landed on my door step to make me shut up and listen..
some how I was sent this book called "bike your butt off" (also a bill came with it) I think it was because I was on this cycling site couple of weeks ago. so I started to read the intro and I think this is going to be what I need. it is a 6 week plan to become a much better cyclist and to drop weight.. I don't know if any one knows this but you can burn up to 800 calories an hour by cycling at a speed of 13mph.. that is more then runners.. and cycling is easier on your joints.. yes there is more to cycling then just peddling.. I have always known that.. but it dose not have to be Hard work..
well any ways I think this is the approach I need and it just landed on my door step..

Now after I wrote that I had a follow up visit at the Doc's but before that I went swimming and did some strength training Strength work, which I always feel so good after doing..

So of course I had to get on the scale.. now the last time I was there and they weighed me I was devastated by the number.. I mean I was working so hard and that was two weeks ago and I still have been working hard.. eating 1300 calories working out no picking no snacking .. I did have popcorn (no butter) yesterday about 2 cups.. well any ways the scale was only down 1 lbs.. Ok.. I am not even going to rant.. they put me in the room blood pressure is good.. wow I was shocked, Doc comes in and we talk about why I was there.. real quick I had this lump on my leg its a fatty tumor under the layer of skin it don't hurt but its weird they wanted to have it checked make sure it was nothing serious.. there is a name but gosh I could not spell it that is for sure.. any how doc and I where talking about things.. and this Doc I have never seen her before I have always seen the NP.. so then she says to me "gosh Anita" a lot of this problems will go away if you lose some weight" Really??? you think.... but instead of flying off the handle I said "let me tell you my history" so told her and then I told her how I am struggling every day.. and that I have done everything the same since I started this.. nothing has changed..

So, of course she suggested a couple of things.. surgery was one and that is out.. I don't want surgery plus.. I cant have it due to my hernia, I told her that..
she agreed. then she said You got to drop under 1200 calories.. what? is she right? what is she saying.. she told me that they have a weight loss program and the program starts you off very low.. gets your body moving weight off.. once that happens they bring you back up.. but you have to be in the program and checked monthly.. Ok here it is.. this what I am not sure of about the program.. she wants me to take this "weight loss pill" come on it's speed we know that... I said no.. because it wont work.. she showed me some previous and present patients success with being on and being closely watched on the program.. you still have to eat right, work out not just take this pill and think you will lose weight.. once the weight starts to move off they go off of it and then learn to eat healthy I said I know how to eat healthy.. I do eat healthy..

So as I said in my response.. I am my own road block.. I get in the way of my self..

I also read this:
It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” — Charles Darwin

So I am trying a new approach.. what do I have to lose???

Thank you for reading thank you for all your support and all your comments on my rant blogs.. I truly cannot do this with out the help and support of Spark I will never give that up.. this program I am entering into is a new approach.. who knows it might work it might not.. but like I say I need to shut up and listen..

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  • MISSG180
    If you are working out at all, 1300 is probably slowing your metabolism. Going lower than that, a disaster. Your doctor is...not up on the current literature. Dangerously so. I urge you to up your calories to at least 1800. Try for a couple weeks and see if you can get your metabolism active again.
    2399 days ago
    are you going to take the pill? research it first MsAnita. I worry about people taking a pill. heck, it could just be a placebo, but still, its a pill. 1200 calories? that's not much. only 100 less that what you are at now, but it could do the trick.

    2399 days ago
    You are very wise to look at things the way you are. Listen to your inner self and do what is right for you. You seem to be about doing things safely and that is the right approach.
    There is always another way, you just have to find the right path that works for you in your journey. I do bike for the very reasons you stated and it works for me. It has become my passion. I pray it works for you as well or better than it has worked for me. I believe you will be happy with it.
    emoticon Behind you all the way!
    2400 days ago
    My dear, adaptability is definitely the name of the game. Hardest thing for us humans to do because our natural tendency is to get "used to the way things are" and mentally have a little "rebellious coup" when the truth is that a change IS the way to go. So, yes, WE get in our own way.

    I think you are doing a wise thing. You have listened to what the Dr. and the NP had to say. You have your own ideas too. You plan will probably ultimately be a blend. Heck, even if it ISN'T that's all right, because you are going to fashion a plan that will work for you.

    You know the options that you cannot live with:


    Honestly, in my heart, I feel the same way for me. Just wouldn't work. And that's ok! For some it does. But that's just the thing . . . have to know what will or won't work for YOU.

    Now, look back to when you had success. Think about what you were doing (or weren't doing) and see what will work for you now! Maybe some of the things that originally worked will help you.

    Wishing you all the success. You know that you're not the only one and definitely, got your back!
    2400 days ago
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