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Leaving my comfort zone

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Monday, June 30, 2014

My BLC25 team Azure Destinations set us a challenge this week to do something out of our healthy journey comfort zone, and then blog about it.

Well I have to admit my initial reaction was quite negative, with a ‘why should I’ attitude, because what I am doing at the moment is working, and change for the sake of it doesn’t strike me as a good idea.

Now the challenge wasn’t mandatory, but we get rewards for doing them, so it niggled at the back of my mind, then on Thursday it came to me – Yoga Class (or Yogurt class as I keep calling it for no good reason)

I have never done Yoga, and while I do cardio and strength training every week, I ignore the third pillar of balanced training – Flexibility, so this seemed perfect.

I checked out my gym, and for a small charge I could attend an hour Yoga class on Saturday, so I booked myself in and arranged my Saturday around the class.

Now I had a few concerns:
• What if I passed wind?
• What if it was too difficult?
• Would everyone stare at me?
• Would my total lack of bendiness be an issue?

So I turned up, and 3 of the other 5 ladies had their own mats emoticon – a little intimidating
But the other 2 like me were brand new and using gym mats.

Well the hour flew by, the instructor was helpful and gave levels of moves, I didn’t pass wind, and I had the shortest hamstrings of anyone there (no surprise to me – I need a six week run up to be able to touch my toes).
I felt a little guilty logging it as exercise – that was until I woke up on Sunday morning to screaming arm muscles (lots of downward dogs).

So would I do it again – Yes, in fact after next week (I am climbing Snowdon on Saturday) I think I will include this as a regular part of my regime, as a class is the only way I am going to improve my balance and flexibility to start with.

As for getting out of your health journey comfort zone – go for it, we had to get uncomfortable to start losing weight, and that enriches your life, trying something new is always enriching, even if you decide it is not for you.

Nuff said – movin’ on
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