Packing and swim suits

Monday, June 30, 2014

Phase one on my packing is complete! I have sorted through all of the possibilities when it comes to my clothes and the kids clothes. Phase two comes tomorrow when I weed it all down to a reasonable amount. This I have learned since becoming a traveller...we all need MUCH less than we think we do!

The first big trip I took to France I took all that was possibly allowed by the airline...packed to the gills for a trip of 12 days I think. We traveled to three locations and it was CRAZY dragging all of that luggage around. The next year we figured out how to go much lighter but I was still packing for every possible scenario and packing anything I thought I might need. That is still a little is not like we were going to places where there was no civilisation. There is always the possibility to buy things that come up as you need them on it is kind of fun! The next year we were were traveling to two climates (Switzerland and Italy) and by planning down to the very last detail we were able to fit all of our things into TWO suitcases for the 4 of us and plus a back pack each. Before leaving Switzerland we mailed our cool weather things back to Norway and lightened our load even further.

This year again, we are going with two small suitcases for all 4 of us and a carry on each. Not as much planning is needed since we only need warm weather clothes but we are restricted by Ryan Air's limits for luggage. I am kind of like a pro at this these days but we will see how it all shakes out when it comes to the final day of packing!

Now...swim suits. Not my favourite thing to do but I did it. If you know me, you have heard me complained of this gut I have. This is my problem with swim suits. We there is that thing about one of my boobs being smaller than the other one. I blame Liam. When he was a baby he had a favourite and he some how sucked the life out of it! So rude.

So anyway...I am going to just not care about it all. How about that? Last time I didn't bring bikinis but this year I am. I know that here in Norway people don't worry about such things and I have seen other women in other countries so much more comfortable with their bodies so I am just not going to worry about a gut and a double of boobs that don't match. I will not let my body define me! I have worked too long all year and gone through too much to let myself be held back on my one big splurge all year. I know I can be in better shape that is for sure but this year will all that we had going on I was never able to pull it off. What's done is need to lament it. When I get back I can revamp my exercise routine and I will.

Ok...I gotta go now and get down to doing some work before I lose the day. I hope all of you are having a sunny summer. Perhaps we can all head into this wonderful season without letting our feelings about our bodies define us. Deal?
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