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Looking toward the second half of the year...

Sunday, June 29, 2014

I finally got some sleep last night, woo hoo! I didn't sleep great, but I slept much better than I had the previous two nights. For the first few hours I was asleep I was only waking up once every couple hours, which is about twice as long as I had been lasting. Therefore I feel MUCH better today.

Eating today has not been great. I've been starving all day. TOM wreaking havoc on me I think. I did manage to cook some food, egg tarts. They were really good. Shamefully low on produce today, though. I have at least gotten in all my water and then some. Figured I could do SOMETHING healthy today!

Also got in a little bit of movement. We did some cleaning in here. We didn't work at it hard enough for me to count it as exercise time, but we did get quite a bit done. It looks much better in here, other than the shrapnel of catnip toys laying all over the place. I bought some toys for my mom's cats and had them in my purse. Beto stole every one of them. In addition to the toys that were already his. So now there are toys everywhere. He actually does play with all of them, though, so we left them laying around. I get more enjoyment out of watching him play with those toys than out of a clean floor.

Now to the real point of this blog. In 2 days it will officially be the second half of the year, and that's got me thinking that it's a great time to set some goals for the next 6 months.

1. By Oct 1st, to hit at least 3,900 fitness minutes.

2. By Jan 1st, to hit at least 4.700 fitness minutes.

3. By Labor Day {Sept 1st}, to weigh 255 lbs.

4. By Halloween to weigh 249 lbs.

5. By New Years to weigh 245 lbs.

6. To have an A1C below 9 at my appointment with the endo on July 25th.

7. To have an A1C below 8 by my appointment that will be around the end of Oct.

Okay, I think that's enough to work on. I'm trying to set goals that will take some effort, but aren't unobtainable. Things I need to be consistent to reach. That's my number one goal, to be consistent. There will be missed workouts, there will be bad meals {or days}, but if I'm consistently treating my body right, I consider that a win.

More immediate plans... as in tomorrow... are to hopefully make it to the community center. Every time I plan to go, my body doesn't cooperate with me. I am hoping that will change tomorrow. I'm starting to feel like saying I'm going to go is jinxing me. So instead I will say I PLAN to go, and hope it happens. It's gonna be infernally hot tomorrow, but I refuse to use that as an excuse.

For now, I have some fresh green beans to finish snapping. And then reading time. Fingers are crossed that I get a good night's sleep tonight! Hope everyone has had a great last weekend of June!

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