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Yosemite - Day 2

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The only problem with the bed & breakfast is that they served a delicious breakfast but from 8 to 9:30. We ate there and of course talked some, which meant we always got a late start. But still lots of time to get everything in.

Thanks so much to everyone who posted and/or read my blog yesterday about what we saw there. I'm going to continue with another day or marvelous things we saw! On Day 2, we went first of all up a trail toward a the Vernal Fall on the Happy Isles trail. That trail goes on up to the top of the falls but we just went part of the way to a bridge where we could see the falls, ate the lunch we had packed and then went back down. This bridge is 8/10 of a mile according to a sign. Then we drove up to see the the Sequoia trees in another area but I'll get to that a little later in today's blog. First the waterfall.

The trail starts out fairly even but soon starts climbing. The trees are just so lovely! It also crosses a lovely creek that we see a lot.

It is climbing here although it doesn't show as much in the picture.

Looking down the trail you can see it is climbing. There were a lot of people on the trail.

That's the creek below so you can see we are going up up up!

More beautiful scenery from the trail.

Finally we come to the bridge! (Of course going back down seemed so much easier and faster when we got to that part LOL)

We found a nice little spot in the shade on big rocks to eat our lunch. And of course we had company!

In the middle of the rocks is Vernal Fall (it is spelled without an "s" on the end).

I wish I could climb up to the top like a lot of others were doing from that point, but since I had a stroke I can't do it anymore. I had to use 2 walking pole, even on the paved trail, to keep my balance somewhat. I wouldn't have done that before. But still so glad to see these areas even if I cant do as much as I want! And my friend Lynda had a total knee replacement in December that she's still having a little trouble with otherwise she hiked for miles and miles and also did backbacking trips. And she's about 9 years older than me! Her husband is very active also, and last fall ran a marathon in Germany. He runs most days and has for years just because he likes to. He doesn't compete a lot, but does this for fun.

After we ate our lunch and hiked back down (we had to take a shuttle from the parking to get to the trailhead) we got back on the shuttle and then got their SUV. From there we drove toward the Mariposa Grove to see the big redwoods in the Sequoia park. Not as big I understand as the Redwood Forest in another part of CA but still pretty impressive. We couldn't drive because the few parking areas up there were full, so we stopped at this general store and waited for the shuttle to take us to Mariposa Grove. After we were done and came back we went in this little store. It was in the tiny business district there of Wawona in Yosemite park. It really is big!

After we caught the shuttle we went several miles, climbing all the way, in it up to the Mariposa Grove. Then we got out and hiked some more to see the sequoia trees.

Here are some of the redwoods, and they climb way up, much taller than the other trees around.

One that has fallen and the root are huge!

Here's me in front of the roots to give an idea of how big it is. With my trusty walking poles LOL.

There are some areas that show the burnt out areas from a fire I think was last year in this area. Some trees survived. When I was living in New Mexico there were several burnt areas I went through at different times in different areas near me.

We got back into more trees again there, but I had also seen the devestation from the fire in some other places

Then we came to the Grizzly Giant.

This was another one shortly after the Grizzly Giant called the California Tree.

At one time they could drive through this tree in the old cars.

This is a piece of tree that shows the rings of a tree, with an interpretive sign attached or normal big size. See how small the sign looks on the piece of tree.

After this we walked back toward the bus stop. We didn't go further. We also had to be back in time because it would be the last bus of the day and it was a loooong walk to the car! The bus didn't run on an exact schedule. When it got there it told us it was going to wait over half an hour for the tram to come in. There is a tram there you can ride also but I think it was about $24 a person extra for those tickets and we decided not to. We decided to get on the bus anyway, although there was another souvenir store there. Other people did too. It's a good thing we did because then the driver got on and took off with us after about 10 minutes instead of the 30 he had said! We would have missed that bus! I think he said it took about 40 minutes to make the round trip to the parking lot and then the top so as far as we know he was the last bus. Maybe he found out there was no one riding the bus that was on the tram, who's start was also right by there. I don't know but we were really glad we didn't count on him not leaving for a while! I was tired and needed to sit anyway.

So then we got back to the parking area, went in the little shop, then got the car and drove back to the B & B. It was a beautiful day!

Tomorrow we go around Mirror Lake!

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