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Pot at the End of The Rainbow

Friday, June 27, 2014

My good Spark Friend SHAKESALOT is a big fan of rainbows. She posted an incredible picture of a double rainbow once. I was driving down to the VA hospital on Wednesday afternoon/early evening and the sky had those bruised colored clouds and it looked like rain off in the distance.

I was on my way down to have a colonoscopy. I won't bore you with the gory details but since it's 210 miles from where I live I drive down and get settled into a motel before I begin to drink the "prep"-which nothing ever really prepares you for. I was worried. Something is wrong with my gut. They've ruled out several things I thought might be the culprit so because the last ultrasound and CAT scan were 'iffy' they decided to do the colonoscopy again.

Suddenly, straight ahead of me, there was a break in the clouds and there was just a portion of a rainbow showing through. It was NOT raining. It was just a beautiful section of rainbow that left me feeling at peace with whatever happens. I continued on my trip feeling much more relaxed and thinking I had to make sure and let SHAKES know that I saw a rainbow worthy of a photo but no camera with me. And I laughed thinking of where I was going to be in about 45 minutes...and it was on the pot at the end of that rainbow!

Went well as could be expected. It showed that the mesh that was used in my hernia repair has shifted a bit and is rubbing and irritating the intestine so won't be a big thing to repair. No rainbows on the way home, but sure felt much better and about 5 pounds lighter!!
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