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Bike tour in Slovenia (pictures) - burn calories like a train...

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Last weekend we had a 4 day holiday in Austria, and we visited a friend in Prevalje, Slovenia, near the Drava river. We had been there last year with the bikes, so it was an easy decision to go by bike again.

It's surprising, how much easier is to ride a road that we already know. We look forward to the nice views, remember where we stopped last year, recognize small details that I never thought I would remember again. It also felt easier, because we knew what is ahead of us, and we could dose our energy easier.

We followed the following path, first the river Mur, then the river Drava:
Gleisdorf - Graz - Leibnitz - Spielfeld - Maribor - Dravograd - Prevalje.

On the way we stopped in Maribor, to have a look at the city center. Everbody was watching the soccer world championship, big huuuu-haaaa from every corner when there was an action. On the picture, you can see our favourite ice cream shop in Maribor (well, we don't know any other place). They give a huge portion, which is a good indulgence on a bike tour, where calories burn fast.

Our friends were very happy to host us. They live in a beautiful region up in the mountains, our days there felt like therapy both for the eyes and the body. And, we enjoyed lots of fresh and healthy food from their garden. All produced organically, without pesticides.

Altogether we rode three days to go, had a rest (with other exercise) on Saturday, and came back partially by train on Sunday.

I like so much bike touring, it feels so free, easy, we can meet so many people, see the country very differently vs. traveling by car or plane. Everything is close, around us, and it takes just a sec to stop and enjoy the view, smell the air, or talk to the sheep. :-)

Do you think that you need some fancy gear and bikes for bike touring?!

Well, my wife has a simple city bike with 7 gears (hub gears), while I have a city bike with 8 gears. We were complaining on the hills, and had to get off on 10% slopes, but it didn't stop us from touring.

If you want to get off some pounds, this is a great way to do it. As we rode 3 hours every day (which doesn't feel much at all), 2000 kcal flies off so easily. Which is a LOT! Otherwise, when doing exercise at home, it takes so much effort to go to run for an hour, burning 7-800 kcals. Here, we have lots of fun, enjoy every minute, and don't even notice the "workout" part.

If you need any advice on how to start with bike touring, drop me a message!
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