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The end of day 1 of our time out

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Once we left our kids and grandson back at Fairy Knowe backpackers, we headed on to Knysna. The trip there was pleasant and uneventful (in the best possible way). We drove and saw some new sights along the way like the reptile farm which now has a giant water monitor on top of their sign. I can't wait to go inside this farm on one of my next trips.

People are really clever with the things they can make from scraps. Some of these animals are made from wood blocks, and others from bits of sheet metal. I can imagine a large property with a pair of giraffe standing somewhere.

We finally got to the town of Knysna itself, and were meeting our friend at Mugg&Bean coffee shop BECAUSE we knew where that was. Once we parked our car and walked into Woodmill lane shopping complex, we discovered that Mugg&Bean had moved. Aargh. Another phone call to be told to go to the Wimpy...ok that was simple enough, it was in the main road. We walked along to where the Wimpy should have been...but they also had moved. Turns out, the small town of Knysna now sports its own mall and everything had moved there....ah well, we walked the few blocks to where the new mall was and saw some stuff on the walk. One was this MOTORIZED BICYCLE. Wow have kids become lazy or what? I know that Knysna is very hilly....but still.

Then we passed this advert for an optician, possibly the worst (creepy) advert I have ever seen for opticians. Must be some new age thing I dont get.

Finally we all found each other and after having coffee and a toasted sandwich we followed her back to the home she was house sitting. The mall is tiny, but one of the noisiest I have ever been in. Goodness the trolleys rattle past constantly sounding like bottles clinking together. Drove me near to scatty.

The place we were headed is called Thesens Island and it is BEEYOOOTIFUL.
It is advertised as....

Thesen Islands is a multi-award winning marina development located in the scenic Knysna estuary on the renowned "Garden Route" of South Africa. The marina is spread over 90ha and consists of 19 man-made islands linked by 21 arched bridges and surrounded by 25ha of tidal waterways. The marina consists of 489 individual homes and 56 apartment units, known as the Dry Mill apartments, situated on its own island within the marina. All the homes are built in a colonial maritime architectural style, conforming to Knysna’s vernacular architecture and its historical maritime and timber connections.
And it IS ALL THAT. These houses start at 8.9 million (843074.572 US Dollars) and go to 15 million (1420912.20 USD). We apparently stayed in the "cheapie" LOL
This is the entrance...very security conscious and because of all the security, nobody locks their homes. This IS impressive, but I lost our house keys in the first week of buying our house and its 14 yrs later and we have never replaced them, nor locked our home LOL so...I guess it wouldn't be a great selling feature to me if I were ever to FIND that kind of cash for a home anyway.

What did impress me, was that its a very slow world once you get inside the security gates. The roads are built over bridges so there is no speeding which suits me just fine.

Every home is situated on the water which reminded me a bit of Dubai without the bling.
This is all about nature since it is build around an estuary and THAT impressed me.

This is where we stayed.

I cannot describe the tranquility of Thesens Island. Most of the homes are holiday homes and since we are in winter, they are unoccupied. Ours belongs to a builder and is in regular use. We had no neighbors home, the water in front of us and behind us the estuary and the birds are in residence. Simply stunning.

The house itself is beautiful. Everything has a specially built place which makes it feel doubly big. Muted shades in all the rooms. Heated towel rails...you name it, its there...and believe me for 8.9 million...there is very little that isn't there. The folk who own it, are in Greece and my friend Anne is house sitting because of their cats. They have a wine cellar under the stairs and 12 bottles of REALLY good wine marked...Anne's box...DRINK!
Hubby and I aren't really drinkers, but we did help her finish a bottle of superb quality dry red.
She will have to figure out how to finish the other 11 bottles LOL

Each home is equipped with Jacuzzi's on the deck, plunge pools, canoes, wave jumpers basically all water toys.

My friend was marvelous in that, she knew we were there for some time out, and the darling that she is, she waited on us hand and foot. She was kindness itself and I was not allowed to lift one finger to help her with ANYTHING. The domestic was there to do the cleaning, but even so, I didn't have to prepare dinner....I almost did not have to feed myself, or lift my glass of wine to my lips. LOL
Justin sitting drinking wine on the deck....we could get used to this life style...I think.

Inside are more toys. From fabulous his/hers cars to top of the range bicycles and then this BMW motor bike. Hubby was practically drooling till.....

He saw the Ducati to the side. Ooh this is so potent, you expect to hear it growl.

My friend putting those babies back to bed emoticon

Inside the house, despite its "stuff", when all's said and done, fridges are fridges, chairs are chairs and tables are tables, tv's, microwaves etc....but this chandelier was seriously the most unique one I have ever seen. I guess its what you would call a "talking piece" because why else would one have glasses in your chandelier. Different it certainly was.

As the tide rose, it reminded me why I would also never buy a property on the water. Today's changing climate would make me worry about being so close to a large body of water.
Just look how the tide rose between one picture and the other.

The 3 of us sat around for hours watching the sun set and listening to the sound of water washing back and forth against the deck. It is paradise thats for sure.

I didn't worry overly since Anne was downstairs and we were upstairs LOL
I'm the NICE friend. mwahaha Needless to say, an evening in a home with underfloor heating, towel rail heating, log fires going...wine, roast pork for dinner and super chilled company....I slept soundly and woke up totally refreshed.
The next morning we were going to wake, have breakfast with Anne and we would be off to the Wolf Sanctuary....something that appeals to me.
Houses, cars, and stuff in general aren't my thing. I like them, but Im generally not worried about whether its a tent or a castle.
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