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Biggest Loser Race

Monday, June 23, 2014

I did the race on Sunday with my SiL, and then the kids had a 1 mile fun run. Usually, most of the races around here are done at the peninsula, which is flat and shady. This year, they decided to have TBL race at our local Penn State campus... which is all hills, literally, ALL HILLS.. You know, when your grampa tells you he walked to school, up hills, both ways... he was talking about Penn State Behrend... HOLY CRAP!!! Oh, and NO shade, anywhere!

So I really thought we were in trouble. My poor SiL is having troubles sticking with her journey, and I'm sure the last thing she wanted, was to do this race at all, let alone the hilly course we were going to be doing. Like last year, it was well put together, lots of parking, tons of vendors, and a few BL contestants from past seasons. This year, it was Dan and Jackie from season 5, and Dave and Chelsea from this past season.

He was REALLY nice!

Lisa and I before the race. She looks so happy!

Of course, there's tons of excitement, and people of all sizes sharing their stories. Lots of "before" photos attached to t-shirts, including my own emoticon , and "pounds lost" on the back of t-shirts, it really is inspiring.

Lisa seemed really nervous and I tried to ease her concerns, but honesty, I was just hoping that she wasn't plotting my death as we walked. We started the race by going downhill, sweet! Apparently, it was just to get you going fast enough to make it up the other side of the hill... that kept going up... and never seemed to end... Honestly, I was waiting for her to tell me she wasn't going to do this. She was going to stop in the middle and turn around. She was going to tell me that she was done.... She NEVER DID! Through all 3.1 miles, she pushed herself as hard as I think she possibly could have.

As we were finishing our race, less than a mile to go, there was a woman that just made it over the first REALLY LONG HILL, and was starting to come up another hill... I use this only as a description, you all know there's no judgement... she must have weighed 500+ pounds. There was a guy with her, in his 20's, and I don't know if he was a child, or someone trying to help her on her journey. He was encouraging her, and talking to her the whole time. I got very teary eyed, and I sit here typing this nearly in tears. That woman is AMAZING, and I made sure I told her that. I told her to keep pushing because she was AWESOME! She whispered "thank you" and I started crying. I've never been in her shoes, but I know her pain, most of us do. That's what this is all about. Finding your inner strength to do what you never thought possible. That woman has more inner strength, than I think I'll ever have. I think seeing that woman was a significant moment for Lisa as well.

We finished the race in 1hr and 10mins. Pretty good for those ridiculous hills!

Kat and I hanging out, waiting for the kids race to start

My kids got to do the 1 mile fun run. I'm always so proud of them, but when I found out after the race, that they were supporting each other, and encouraging other kids to "keep going"... I can't tell you how happy that made me.


The race was great, Lisa gave it everything she had, and I'm SOOOO proud of her. I highly recommend the race to anyone who gets a chance to do it.

Dave and Chelsea from Season 15, with me and the kids
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