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Update #3 on Primal Eating

Friday, June 20, 2014

I've been getting very creative the past few days, and cooking things that turned out oh-so-delicious! I'm on vacation from working at school, and my hubby took 3 weeks off, and my son is home from university for 2 weeks. So I'm making 3 meals a day, and really enjoying it. My son is the one who got me started on eating Primally, and that is how I have been cooking. I am finding that I need to control my portions, however. Being around the two hungry guys, I have been eating more than I really need. I don't need to eat as much as they do, or get as full as I have been getting. For the first three days this week I kept my weight the same, but today I'm up about a pound. I have reset my goal from maintaining 135 to losing another 10 pounds, down to 125, but this week I have not been making progress toward that goal at all. I'm still under 135, but barely. So, portion control is the name of the game here!

Other than that, how is it going with the Primal eating? Some days I find I really miss the grains. Some tortilla chips, or a slice of toast with my eggs sounds great. I don't seem to be missing the sugar too much. Fruit is filling that gap alright. This is such a great time of year for fruit! I miss the dairy, but not the gas, so it's pretty easy to limit my dairy intake. I'm finding that coconut milk is awesome to cook with! Makes great curry sauces for meat and veggies, for example. The main thing I miss about legumes is hummus. I love hummus! And peanut butter, but almond butter is filling the gap alright on that score.

I find that I am spending WAY more at the produce stand, and I have to go every 2 or 3 days. However, I am not having to go to the regular grocery store much at all. It will be interesting to see how this all comes out, financially. I AM very anxious for our meat to come! I am out of beef, and we are keeping a side of beef from the steers we just butchered, but it'll be a couple weeks till we get to pick it up. I also ordered a half a pig from friends, but it won't come until next week at least. In the meantime, we're filling in with lots of chicken, fish, and sausage. And eggs! I started buying fresh farm eggs from friends again, and OH MY! What a difference! I had forgotten how much better they are! Future goal: have my own laying hens again, like I used to!

Eating meat and veggies (and usually fruit) at every meal, even breakfast, is different. However, I find that I like it. I haven't been using recipes, but just concocting things on my own. For example, yesterday for lunch I made a chicken salad that had the following: jicama, celery, cucumber, dried apricots, lettuce, cashews, cilantro, and a dressing made of mayo, spicy brown mustard and curry powder. It was SO yummy!

Okay, I'm rambling so it's time to quit writing for now. Lots of projects to go tackle today!

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