Dropped 30lbs...

Friday, June 20, 2014

All it took was God and some legal separation. All I can do is thank God at this point I was so miserable that I had gotten up to 270lbs and was on my way to an early grave. In February 2014 I moved out with our children, and peace set in. Don't get me wrong, the court battles have been horrendous and expensive, but so far I have been coming out on top. The secret is to pray constantly and not to be spiteful. I am truly not bitter, just blessed. And when something bad happens, I remind myself that it could be worse, I could still be living in that house. This might be TMI, but for me it's a testimony...

Now I can focus on myself and the kids in the peacefulness of my own place. There is no fussing or yelling and definitely no condescending. I have taken to lifting weights and pilates. I can even run a mile or twjavascript: void(0);o without dying...lol God is good.... Bye!!!
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