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I'm so disappointed in you people

Friday, June 20, 2014

(If I was on my computer, there would be a clip of Robert Downey from topic thunder saying his "who are you calling you people?" line. But alas. I spent a whole three minutes in my previous blog cramming a whole bunch of butt euphemisms (bum, end, can, bottom, booty, haunches, arse) into the last paragraph, and no one commented on it! Clearly your minds are too elevated)

Edit: I meant, of course, Downey's, "What do you mean 'you people'"? line

The backside was mostly good today, save for a bit before lunch when I went to pull on a sweatshirt (office mates like it much cooler than I do) and it tweaked. Enough of an excuse to avoid the exercise room tonight, although I did walk a decent bit through a horribly designed mall, when I parked behind a kohl's site and could find no was in except to walk around the whole darn building. And since I wanted to find the secret passageway, I failed to ask about the easiest route, and ended up walking around the outside of the rest of the mall on the way back. The last 20 seconds of that walk it started absolutely pouring, so maybe I should have asked for directions? Then again, had I done so, I wouldn't have claim for a 35-40 minute walk (however slow it was for the achy leg).

Was at the mall as I'd manage to only pack three dress shirts in my bag Monday. Oh I know where the 4th is, and it's ironed and ready to go for next week, if I forgive it for going awol this time. But it meant needing a 4th for Friday (guess I could have repeated, but it was 90 degrees earlier this week, the collars got sweated on, and besides, I've been intending on replacing a couple shirts in the rotation). Kohl's had a shirt and tie combo for half price, so I managed to get out of there more cheaply than I'd expected, with a new tie to boot.

And now Friday, for which I'd intended to be asleep long before. Gonna be a rough morning, hope the ticket queue, which I have responsibility for tomorrow, behaves in a friendly manner.

Oh, btw, it's my 1000th day on spark, but in honor of my high school class and our belated reunion, I'll try to remember to celebrate it on the 1001th night.
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