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To My SparkFamily: I Just Wanna Say...

Thursday, June 19, 2014





My night opened up: totally free to head to the fitness center and see what I could cook up...and had an AWESOME workout!

Although my music didn't really grab me during my full set of upper body strength training...2 sets of 12 apiece 'round all the weight gizmos, once I moved on to the spin bike? I was sizzlin'!

The music finally took me by the collar and MOVED ME!

It started with Ivan Lins' studio version of "She Walks This Earth"...can't find it on YouTube but here's a respectable live version, my only fault is that it lacks the cracklin' percussion of the original which kept a subtle but fast 16th or who knows 32nd beat on the undertow of the song...but these guys are having a blast with it:


I had intended to only do 30 mins. but the music took me away and I avoided looking at the clock and by the time I did I was only a few mins. shy of an hour.

Really pumped it up with lots of standing climbs and a combo move "spogging" sorta like jogging on the spin bike, not using the handlebars, but holding my arms up like I'm jogging while sitting up straight in the saddle. I had the room to myself tonight too so I could get into the music even more and sorta danced in the saddle at times.

It just felt so wonderful to MOVE again at long last! Near the end Stevie returned in my shuffle mix with "Do I Do"...and boy DO I! :-)


I stood for a hard standing climb with the resistance cranked and only going around 60 RPM through most of the song.

My creativity got going a bit too and I thought of another move on the spin bike: lean backwards and engage the core while pedaling away. There were times I was so *INTO* my pedaling that I would pull the front of the spin bike off the floor with the strength of my downstroke...woo hoo!

Wrapped up with funky Candy Dulfer www.youtube.com/watch?v=
and some terrific percussion and bass licks from Jaco & Weather Report: www.youtube.com/watch?v=

I am filled to overflowing with a very, very fine form of fatigue thank you...I'm laying odds on a super night of sleep ahead! :-)

Thank you, THANK YOU everyone!

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