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Day 3

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

As I was saying, hearing about that lady's story has put my life and little miseries in perspective. So I was motivated to start over and do it right. It all comes down to me and I shouldn't use any excuse to not do it.

I am aiming for between 1200 to 1550 calories a day

Day 1 was Monday.
I was weighting 248 pounds when I woke up. mmmmm......

I had an appointment with the plastic surgeon. To make a story short, 2 years ago I asked my family doctor for a referal to a plastic surgeon for a breast reduction. Before giving me the referal, he sent me for a mammogram just to make sure everything was ok. We found a mass, then it was a massectomy and radiation treatments. Now, it has been over a year since my last radiation treatment so the surgeon told me I was entitled to reconstructive surgery to make my breasts even. (one is 2 cup smaller than the other). I told him I would prefer getting the reduction.
So Monday I was there to find out what medicare would pay and found out I can have it without cost. woohoo! it should happen in October or November.

The surgeon gave me all the information about the procedure, the risks and all... and asked me to lose as much weight as possible before it happens.

I was having a great day with my calories and it motivated me to keep at it.

Day 1 finished with 1381 calories!

Day 2.
On a roll, I modified the way I distributed the calories over the meals, and ended up with not so much calories for dinner and missing a few carbs... I ended up eating 1.25 cup of cooked spagetti without any sauce, butter. I thought I would cave in during the evening but no. I only had to think of how it is all on me. How I only have to be consistent for it to happen and it did the trick.

Day 2 finished with 1542 calories

Day 3.
Today I have to go back to the hospital for pictures. and I am looking forward to it as it means things are in motion.

So far, with my breakfast and the lunch and snacks I brought to work, by the time I get back home, I should have consumed about 800 calories. that will leave me with 400 to 750 calories for dinner so I should do fine.


I think part of me realised while talking to the plastic surgeon that I may feel like I'm 30, but my body is not reflecting that. Even if I am energetic, if nothing is stopping me, I don't think I have realised before that talk how fat I am. I am a fat 50yrs old woman and because of that, I am putting myself at risk of quite a list of problems : heart, high blood pressure, diabetese to name a few. He was asking me twice all the health questions as if it was not quite normal that I didn't have any of those... That got me to finally see where I am.

So I am really decided to lose weight. I have decided to stick to the program for 2 weeks, see how much I will lose. After that, I will have, once a week, a 1700 calorie day and stick to that new program for at least a month before making changes.

I have decided to not track exercises. For now my focus will be on food. Food has always been my problem and I know if I exercise, I am at risk of using this excuse to eat more. So no training. It doesn't mean I will sit on my butt in the living room, it just means I will not have targets... I do things anyway. I swim in the pool, I mow the lawn, I walk to and from the train each day. I have worn the bodymedia long enough to know I take at least 6000 steps in a normal day so it's not like I am inactive.

well that's it for now....

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    How wonderful to get the news of no payment needed. You have got this.
    1736 days ago
    emoticon Congrats on the news that your surgery will happen .... and without cost! AWESOME NEWS!!! I am very happy for you!

    It is a big boost to our level of determination to reach a goal, I think, when the goal being reached has some very definitive reward that comes with it. Of course getting healthier and feeling better and looking better are rewards too - but - they usually don't come with a specific time table. I mean, 'someday' isn't a very pressing schedule to adhere to and easily postponed and even canceled altogether for a time,

    So, not only am I happy for you that you will have the surgery, I am very happy that it is happening in October or November instead of tomorrow. Today you have a "scheduled goal" to reach - a specific time table to adhere to regarding that goal - and that wondrous incentive to do your very best every day leading up to that date in order to claim your reward. I love it! It is the stirring of passion and anything we become passionate about we succeed at.

    I understand about not focusing your tracking on exercise but on food tracking instead. That has been the case with me since I joined SP. I know I exercise. Goodness, it makes my head spin and my joints ache just how much exercise/work I am involved in day-in and day-out. Yesterday I dug up a new area of ground for planting and in the process dug up rocks that wudda taken 10 men and 5 boys to remove - But I removed them - on my own. Landscaping - YIKES! Tis my love/hate relationship that never ever ends. Anyway, I used to work outside all day long, then go to the gym at night for a tough strength training workout followed by an hour of more of intense cardio. Yet, over all of these years I never tracked any of it. Still, at the end of one of those physically grueling days, I'd log on to SP and read that one of my buddies tracked 20 minutes of exercise cuz they had painted their toenails ... LOL .... and that was A-OK with me. emoticon
    The thing is, we all know when and if we have exercised ..... and who knows, maybe one day I will actually track my own - IF I ever get time to paint these toenails, that is. emoticon

    Well, day 1, 2 and day 3 have gone great and all due to your determination and effort and I am eager to stay up with ya. We gravitate towards those who truly inspire us and those who lift our spirits and make us feel we can accomplish all that we want to accomplish - So, in other words, YOU are my Magnetic North. I appreciate you very much!

    emoticon JOB! emoticon BLOG!!! emoticon EXAMPLE!

    1737 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/18/2014 3:33:20 PM
  • no profile photo FITKAT62
    1737 days ago
    Good luck with everything that you are doing. It'll take time in losing weight. I didn't do a whole lot of exercising at first but not I do it a lot. I didn't have the energy at the time.
    1737 days ago
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