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. . .I need a shoulder

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

,and a virtual hug or two.

It's my foot again. Yep. I actually cried today - and I am not a person given to tears. I just want this foot to heal. (guess I need more patience)
It is beginning to hurt a bit...on a pain scale of 1-10, it's just a 3 or 4. Still, I wish my foot were better. I LONG so much (I cannot begin to express) for a run. .. or a jog. This break from any pounding on my feet is painful emotionally.
I just needed to write this blog....always feels better afterwards. emoticon
Thanks for bearing with me.

Mid-spring, I took a REST from any foot pounding fitness (which was 90% of all my routines at the time), and began to use the foam roller and ice on my foot, and just rest more.... Then - we moved & REST left in a hurry. LOL!
I have been on my feet more than EVER before emoticon ...::::I have been in the DIY construction b'ness for 31 days least 12 hours each day doing pretty rough work. I DO know how to float walls, texture them, paint, tile, create flagstone walkways, sand/prime/paint cabinets, and stay sane the entire time. emoticon emoticon

Hence, my upper body is quite fit and SORE! emoticon ...:::but my lower body and my heart misses the cardio, the JOY of an elevated heart rate with the all the rewards that fitness brings.

emoticon So, with being on my feet more than ever before and pushing myself 31 consecutive days - this could very well be WHY my foot is beginning to hurt. For Pete's sake - my hands feel like they are swollen and arthritic, my shoulders are killing me. Why shouldn't my feet hurt too? Lol....
It makes sense - add 31 days of construction work to my routine, and why shouldn't my body not pour out a complaint. emoticon don't mind me - ...I'm just rambling.

emoticon However, we are FINISHED now with our house improvements! emoticon That blog will be up and coming soon, I promise, with pictures too of the before & after (as requested). . .

God must have a plan with the timing, and the consequences of this injury.
I know He will heal the loss I feel, and fill the void with something in the meantime. He knows my desire to run. I leave my heart trusting in His Love and His Plan for me.

For now, I can continue floor exercises & Pilates.
If you have any suggestion for me, I would appreciate it. . . but if it is just listening, that is a blessing too. emoticon

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