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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I posted a thread in the Cafe yesterday about the ubiquitous misuse of the terms "loose" vs "lose" in relation to our weight loss efforts here. It was a respectful post. I just posted the definitions and made a silly comment about not wanting our "freed" pounds to find us again. It had collected a couple of seemingly positive (or at least agreeable) responses.

Today, I went back in response to my email notification to find the post had been removed. I contacted SP staff about it, to which the answer was that other members were reacting negatively to it, and posting responses to that effect, so it was removed.

I find this offensive. Why is the "friendly" original post removed, rather than the offensive member(s) being warned? That is the usual case in nearly EVERY other forum I belong to. If the tone of replies goes awry, it's those posters who are chastised for inappropriate behavior, not the OP.

I've pretty much had it with the petty policing on SP. I joined for the Nutrition Tracker, and for the support and information and good discussion on the forums. Now, it turns out, you can't have discussions. You can't express opinions (or, at least SOME of us can't). Certain ones or groups can't make comments or state opinions which don't toe the Spark line. Some of us can't even make conversation that other members "respond negatively to."
We can, however, put up with repeated overhauls to the site, which are implemented with little warning and no polling for members' preferences. We can tolerate ads which go strictly against the efforts toward weight loss and health which is why *most* of us are here. We can be subjected to opinions from other members which might not be compliant with (and perhaps offensive to) our own dietary choices.

Pfft I've had about enough.

Someone posted a mention of another website which has a very nice nutrition tracker. It doesn't have the forums; it's pretty much a solo effort. But maybe that's preferable. At least it wouldn't be the nonstop stress of "what's it going to be *today*?" Their database isn't nearly as extensive, nor does it have all my entered favorites... but it will have, when I'm done. And then there will be no more nonsense from SP.

So you might not see me around as regularly for a while.
I'm off building my new foods database in a place which isn't so dictatorial.

I was wrong! there are forums. They're not as active or as diverse as SP... but might be more congenial. I hope!
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    So sorry that you had to go through that. You responded to my question about excessive ammonia acumulation in the bloood in the nitrition forum. I hope you will continue to be a blessing to others here.
    2236 days ago
    *eyeroll* Unbelieveable. We can complain bitterly about outright LIES being allowed on the forums and the articles and nothing gets done, but joke about the ridiculousness of English spelling rules and peoples' inability to GET English spelling rules and you get a finger-wagging?

    2244 days ago
  • .DUSTY.
    Big pet peeve of mine "loose" vs "lose"! There are even a couple of SparkTeams that misused it in their team's name!

    We've had a few posts removed on our Team 300 but they were pretty bad. I can't image why a post about grammar would be removed.

    Maybe instead of leaving you can find other SparkTeams to join?

    2244 days ago
    Wow Vicki, they have it in for you. Again, I totally agree- it's 'them' what should be removed, not you. They have the attitude, not you. Don't blame you for being tired of it all.
    2245 days ago
  • KERRYG155
    Sorry you may be leaving us even part time. It also drives me crazy that people never learned the difference between loose and lose. I would love to say something but usually just use the two words in a sentence when I reply-such as "I'm trying to lose weight so my pants will be loose'. I'm sure that doesn't get much notice but that was all I could figure out. I do remember being on the WW site years ago and some folks DID police spelling and man, did people have a fit. If you can't spell how do you read the labels and everything else?
    2245 days ago
    Eliz - yes, brain fog is always an issue with anything AI!!! LOL
    But I don't think it was snipey. I just lightheartedly defined the different terms and asked for correct usage. I wasn't pointing fingers.

    And I don't intend to give up here altogether. I'll no doubt continue to flit about, primarily because of the members in my teams that I don't want to lose contact with. And I've got this long history of various Tracker stuff I'd rather not lose, too. But the perspectives and actions of late from the site administrators is just over the top. I've had it. I'm just making contingency plans now. I hope the other site will grow into something more like what Spark *used* to be, before it became so closed and dictatorial.

    It's no longer the helpful and supportive site it used to be. Seems as if the members are now their least priority. A shame.
    2245 days ago
    I didn't see that thread, it must have been removed before I saw it, but I agree with you; both with using the word "loose" when you mean "lose" and with the fact that your original post should not have been removed.

    I'll miss seeing you around, but I certainly understand your frustrations with the site.
    I've noticed that on some of the teams I belong to, there are several members who said they are leaving Spark because of them, or looking around for a site to replace Spark.
    2245 days ago
    I totally understand every point you make. And I feel your frustration.
    I guess I stay for the few of us who are trying to keep the "peace" amidst the insanity, tolerate the dumb "changes" (so called upgrades??!!) and support each other! :o)
    You are a wonderful reason for me to tolerate SP! :o)
    praying this doesn't come off wrong- MS fog can make me think I've written something well, and then it's taken badly! OY VEY!
    It's written from my heart.

    2245 days ago
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