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MDA Tub Run and Grad Party

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I've decided I remember why I hate having my picture taken, don't think I'll do it until I've lost some weight. *L*

Yesterday went so well, we had a great time on the run, the second couple I was with as Road Guard had problems in both places they were at with people who'd been made to stop while the 1000+ motorcycles rode through, with complaining. In fact, at the corner I was at with them, the father of the woman who was on my side of the road (he was 72 I believe she said) went over to tell the driver of an Illinois blazer who'd stopped, that he wouldn't be allowed across. (Once we see the sheriff's car coming with lights on, we can't allow anyone through)

Now mind you, this was in ALL the southern WI, northern IL newspapers, on TV stations and Radio Stations that this was happening, the route map was in the papers, etc. Anyway, the driver called this grandfather an ***hole and just reamed him out. The Grandfather just walked away from him, but as instructed by the Sheriff's dept, got pictures of his license plate to turn into the Sheriff's Dept so a ticket could be sent to him.

It's just so frustrating because this ride is to raise money for MDA and this year we're hoping to hit the $2 million mark after 20 years of the ride, and we still get people, after all these warnings, that complain about being stopped. It's not like they can't take another route, they can!

Well, karma, like they say....this guy who'd done that, happened to go straight across...we never warned him that (needless to say) that same ride is the one he'd once again, hit at the next road over, when the bikes would go up, turn left go the next road, turn left again, and come back down the next road over. I about died laughing. I had followed him because my brother's house is that direction, but I turned before the road the bikes were coming down, and I saw this guy stopped at the front of the line as the bikes came to that road, too. I figured, GOOD, serves you right, you do something that childish at the last stop, you deserve it.

Cop car leading the bikes. This started when I was riding on the first bike with a friend, Cal Niemeier who passed away a few months after my Dad in 2012 of MS. Anyway, as Cal and I came down the hill to a County Road, which was blocked off by 4 sheriff's cars (4 lanes, 2 in each direction, so 2 cop cars on either side of where we would be crossing) there were lines of cars, both on the east side and west side, in all 4 lanes.

Well This pickup decided to go around ALLL the cars in the west lane, AND around the Sheriff's cars (yep, both, because he went across in front of OUR BIKE, AND the second sheriff's car which was on the other side of the same intersection, with the cop on the first side trying to wave him down!! From that day on they decided a cop car would lead the way with lights on. If we'd been just a little bit closer..that idiot would have hit us, and caused a major accident! Think of it this way...over 1,000 motorcycles riding together, spaced safely apart, but still..not expecting a vehicle to cross around 2 cop cars and other stopped traffic..yeah..could have been bad.

So, end of my "complaining", the party went well, had a good time, even a lot of laughter because one of my niece's friends made a BIG mistake. The party was at my brother and sil's house, and they were all sitting around the fire. My niece and her group of friends came back there and one of the boys says "what's with all these old folk sitting here"? and he was totally serious.

My SIL stood up and walked over to him, and said "look, I own the house, and you're lucky you are even here with that attitude, you don't like it you can leave." An apparently he made another rude comment, and my niece stepped in and told him he could leave.

So she and her group of friends tried to sneak two jugs of OJ and we know they had liquor to the far back of the yard with a vehicle, cranked up some music and were partying out there. Wow....its so funny, they all think we were never young and never did that kind of stuff, really? Sorry kiddies, but we did it long before you were even thought of.

Wow, I had a lot to say didn't I.

Oh, and another little rant? Guess what my nieces (yes I'm going to say it) "so called stepfather" & her "mom" gave her for a gift? a $5000. trip to the Virgin Islands ALONE for nearly 2 months. No one with her, totally and completely ALONE! This kid is only 18 years old....has never been on a trip by herself anywhere, EVER, and he paid for her to go there by herself. Really???? Wow......just give her the money for college, that is so lame. But then her mother and he have always tried to outdo anything her Dad does, that's typical..all they care about is material things, not love, and she's really fallen for it. That's why she moved out of her Dad's house and in with her mom, she could do whatever she wanted and not worry about being disciplined. I thank God every day my kids turned out the way they did and are respectful.

Well I'd better stop talking and get to doing something. Have a great day, and still, try to smile. emoticon

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    Wow Good bike day, idiot drivers and your niece's party. Hmmmm...sounds like there's lots of maturing to do yet (my DD just turned 19 today and I coud say the very same thing! But I'll get off the soapbox!) Good luck with that trip your niece is taking alone! Good heavens.

    1857 days ago
  • no profile photo TRAVELGO
    Sounds like a fun day!
    1857 days ago
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