I'm a half marathon finisher!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

I signed up for this half marathon at the end of March. I've been pretty confident in my decision to register for this race. This was the layout of the half marathon:

Me before the race!

I used run keeper to try to keep track of my pace and such but it stopped a couple of times during the race which means that it is in segments.

Here is my official race time!

The race overall went smoother than I expected it to for my first time. Although my calf muscles started hurting around mile 7 which really slowed me down.

I am proud to say that I finished, no matter what my time. The first time it's a PR for me so now that I have gone the distance in this race I can do another half and set another goal for myself! Plus I have been pretty sick in the last two weeks. A week of having a fever that cycled through at least 8 times from high temp to drenched in sweat lower temp. Missed work all 3 scheduled days. Then a weekend of traveling for my sister's high school graduation. Followed by a 4 day work week and getting a sinus infection this week that made itself well known today. Thank goodness for soft kleenex! I know many people would have just threw in the towel and given up by now but I can't even remember how many people told me that I was going to fail at this race. Not to say that I did it for them because I definitely did it for myself but I am glad to say that I had no excuses! And yes I will be resting tomorrow! LOL.

My mom also did the race with me. I am beyond proud of her for finishing. She had a really rough time around 10.5 miles and was planning on quitting. So she was crying which made me cry to see her crying. I stopped a little bit to make sure she would be okay. After two times of stopping she told me to go on without her. This was about mile 11 and so I did go on which was super hard to leave her behind. But she pulled through and got the Caboose award for the race. I am over the moon about it, talk about an emotional finish! Definitely a great day!
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