5 Day Pouch Test - So What Did I Learn???

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Key Learnings for me:

- I wasn't starvingly, uncomfortably hungry

- I didn't have to be 'perfect' on the plan for it to work (I was 90%) It wasn't an 'all or nothing' experience.

- My pouch still 'works'. I didn't 'break it'. (which I feared)

- I didn't realize how often I was eating junk carbs and how much at a time I was scarfing

- Eating 'just one' or 'just one bite' of junk carbs sets me off on that slippery slope to constant grazing and overeating emoticon
which of course, led straight to scale creep emoticon emoticon

- Weaning myself off junk carbs led to:

1) Losing 6 lbs
2) Lost desire to continually graze (which I was doing during all waking hours!)
3) Daily binging gone (and throwing up)
4) Not binging despite having a VERY emotion laden Friday the 13th emoticon
5) Overall feeling 'better' both mentally and physically.
6) More energy
7) More alert mentally

So it's really a 'do over' for me. I'm 'back to basics' of my Post WLS lifestyle. emoticon

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