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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Aloha Sparklers! :)

This little blog is to share with y'all something I'm kinda proud of... I hope I'm not jinxing myself by sharing this, and I hope this makes me, all the more, to get with it on a daily basis...

For anyone who knows me, even a little bit, you KNOW what a helluva time I have with exercising. I admit, I have a lazy streak. I wear my fitbit almost always (I do forget sometimes) and it enters my daily fitness minutes... and I do try to walk a little more, climb the stairs a little more often, etc... but as for ON PURPOSE workouts... nope. I just don't do them... until...

A good friend of mine kind of issued an informal challenge on June 10th to put on a movie and walk while I watched it... So... I did it that night. I actually removed the clothes and box of junk hanging and sitting on my treadmill, wiped off the dust and proceeded to walk 1.5 miles on it. Wow, I felt great! I actually did an ON PURPOSE Workout. :) So... the night of June 11th (last night) I told myself that I had accomplished the STARTING... what was I going to do with that? Let it just be a one time thing or let it be the beginning of actually establishing that new habit I keep saying over and over I want to establish... So... I got on it again. This time I walked 1 mile. I am slow on it... I've been just walking at 2.5 mph, but it's a beginning.

I used to keep most of my exercising to myself just in case I messed up. That way I'd have no one to answer to but myself... but... now I'm sharing this with y'all so that not only do y'all know I've actually started this, but I also need consistency and accountability.

I know I've only done this 2 days in a row... but I'm planning on turning this into weeks, months, years in a row. :) It's the very beginning of my dream to make exercise a wonderful habit I love.

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