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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Quite a few people have spark mailed me to find out what huckleberries are. They are actually wild blueberries,, they are tiny, usually about half the size of an aspirin tab. They are much sweeter than cultivated blueberries that you purchase. Nothing like them in a store!!
My mouth is watering, just thinking about eating them!!

Dd and I have invented a contraption that picks them much quicker than me crawling on my hands and knees and getting maybe three at a time. It is a long-handled dustpan like those seen at Disney or Cedar Point,, we attached a long Afro comb to the bottom of it, and we run it through the tiny plant, get the tiny berries to fall back into the dustpan!

We were deep in the forests of the Upper Peninsula at Crisp Point Lighthouse last summer, stopped to use it to bring the treasured little berries home.. We were on a two-track sand road 28 miles into a fire trail with my Buick!! Earnhardt could take lessons from my skillful driving that day, huge logs, rocks, overgrown plants, all in a four foot wide sand trail that ATV's use daily.

The pies and cobblers , preserves made from these little guys is pure bliss!! I use agave nectar to sweeten them in baking, but just hand-eating is the best, no sweeteners required!!

An even more treasured, remarkable berry is the thimbleberry. it is SOMETHING like a blackberry and something like a raspberry, thimble-shaped,,but tastes very unique. It ONLY grows within a certain radius of ground in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The monks make jams, pies, etc to sell,from them and the location of their source is a secret as guarded as Area 51!

I do not have health insurance, so will not try to penetrate the perimeter this summer for the thimbleberries.. those Yoopers have their own way to deal with Trolls and I cannot run faster than the slowest of any of them!
I will continue to glean the forests of the huckleberries though,, finders keepers!! I just do not want a repeat of three years ago when the moose came snuffling around where I was picking alone.. DD and I have a back-to-back lookout system in place for that now..
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