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It Is Time

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

SparkBuddies, it’s time to let go of the baggage. As most of you know (probably because I talk about it so dang much), I’ve gained 65lbs back from my lowest weight of 185 and 50lbs back of my original goal weight of 200lbs. I’ve finally come to terms with my 2nd rock bottom and have decided to give weight loss a real, honest try. I have a lot on my plate which includes my depression, sleep issues, work, 2 shows, a relationship, parent issues and bills but I feel like if I focus and keep going I can put a real dent in the 50lbs I need to lose. This will be a huge undertaking, but I feel like I deserve a better life and will do all I can to get there. I know I will slip up, I know depression will take over but regardless I will not give up.

What Doesn’t Work For MissB8604:
Obsessive Calorie Counting
Limited Water Intake (or not at all)
Sporadic Mental Health Treatment (took meds, not enough therapy)
Over 20 Ounces of Coffee Daily
Strenuous Exercise
Obsessing over Meeting Goal Date
Obsessive Weigh-Ins
Obsessing Over Clothes Size Goal
Limited Amounts of Sleep (on days where I don’t have rehearsals)
Overcommitting and Overfilling My Weekends
No Alone Time
No Boundaries for Family, Fiancée & Friends
Not Coming Into Work on Time (long story)
Not Accepting My Moods/Feelings, Trying to Change Them

What Does Work For MissB8604:
2-3 Liters of Water Daily
Mental Health Treatment (including meds, therapy)
Increased Vegetable & Fruit Intake
Being More Careful with the Types of Foods I Eat
Calorie Cycling with Protein Shakes (for breakfast and lunch)
Walking 3 Miles or More
Cycling Coffee Intake (one day decaf, one day 10 ounces only of regular)
More Restful Sleep (meds)
Weighing In Daily
Boundaries for Family, Fiancée & Friends
Limited Weekend Plans (1 for Friday, 1-2 for Saturday, aim to leave Sundays free unless a rehearsal is called)
Alone Time
Being in a Show
Surrounding Myself with Better People
Accepting My Moods, Whatever They May Be
More Control over Dinner Options
Coming Into Work on Time (long story)

I’ve set my goal date to reach 200lbs to December 1, 2014 which will give me plenty of time to reach my goal and not have so much pressure. Slow and steady is the only way to go for me right now as it’s all I can really handle. For the first time in a long time, I feel hopeful and like I can get the weight off. 185 isn’t a goal I feel I can reach right now, but 200 definitely is (and honestly, I felt better at 200 than I did at 185).

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