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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My focus has from Day One been on internal change. For me, the weight has been an annoyance, but not the concern. I came here to increase levels, to eat MORE, to eat BETTER. I still struggle to eat enough (to remember to eat!) but when I eat: it is healthy food. And for the past few years my focus on weight increased... It's one long turtle journey. What has helped me stay motivated is that my main strength is from the solid features at this site. Not the teams, which do give exchange and sometimes a touch of support; instead, the information that helps me truly make lasting change keeps my ever-changing journey vital and ALIVE!

Our insides - the very way we think! - often need to change before lasting visible 'transformation' can show. Wishing for end results does nothing. Action gets us there. That is why, over the years, I've noticed that those who shift their focus from what they want in the future to what they can DO to reach toward it seem to be those who succeed. Yes, they watch numbers, but focus on internal changes ... and as they do so seem to advance better toward measurable changes.

Want to reach a distant goal?
FIRE UP from the inside to change the outside.
The internal journey of digging into our habits is crucial to change.

Have you ever studied - I mean REALLY read and then considered ho this applies to YOU! - the "SparkPeople Fuel For Improvement® System"?
and all the descriptive links on its pages? I have! Many times! This along with the SparkDiet
is the foundation for lasting change! In other words? Key to success.

Having short-, medium-, and long-term goals is forward-wishingly nice.
But we need action and a PLAN to reach those goals!
That is where the Fuel for Improvement System provides the dynamics that guide us in reaching the goals. Consider the four areas SP enumerates:

Positive Force

You can read and think about them in the above link to the Fuel'System... Doing this is worth the time. Just LOOK at those words!!

Aren't these qualities you want to inject into YOUR efforts to reach YOUR goals?

Go for it!! Dig in!! REACH!! and... ENJOY the journey! (It just keeps getting better!)

"Live your plan with passion, energy and a sense of adventure!"

You have today in your hand.
It is here. It is NOW.
Will you dream of a change and go through motions that you think will get ou there?
Will you dig into your habits, and fuel your journey with the passion of an ongoing adventure full of surprise rewards as you reach forward.

I am building my fire into one glorious blazing bofire. And I love the energy!
Build your fire. Go for it. Now.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I think that is what was missing so I'm working on the inner now.
    1400 days ago
    Thanks Sam..I am going to read that link. I think sometimes I go from thing to thing and diet to diet and need to stick to one thing. I always see something that looks better and jump on it. I get all excited and when I don't lose. I am sticking with the hungry girl diet for now. It has a lot of fiber though and I have to go slow on that.
    It isn't always about the food but about the sticking to something and giving it a real try instead of a sample.
    As always you are absolutely correct. hugs, Pam
    1406 days ago
    I agree that internal change is what is needed in
    order to get the ball rolling. I am a procrastinator,
    hence the 2 steps forward and 3 back it seems.
    I wish I had your gumption. I need to do something.
    I seem to get fired up and then fall flat. How do I get
    past this Sam? emoticon emoticon
    1407 days ago
    Left to my own devices I never seem to eat enough either. Couple that with my inactivity due to Fibro, it's no wonder I'm fat.


    1407 days ago
    Internal change is the most important part. And small steps get there... eventually.
    1407 days ago
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