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Pool is back lifting is back!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I am back to the gym! Last week I just felt drained all stinking week. When I take dance classes I can feel somewhere around 2/3rd of the class through my energy just starts to deplete like a plane slowly falling out of the sky. I take that as a cue to slow it down, well just slow it down. I hit a class this morning at 5 am. Then at 6 am I crawled back in bed and went back to sleep til 7 lol

I am so happy the pool is finally back, after a long day at work, getting in the pool and doing water aerobics is so rejuvenating. Thank goodness my swim suit is still fitting ok. Every time I go to goodwill I look for some suits and have yet to find any. I will find something as time goes on I am sure. Feels great to be back lifting too! I really want to stay in the best shape possible despite food.

Eating has been pretty bad at least I am turning to good things but calories are out there. As in this week I really wanted a milkshake so I made one. Then I bought one the next day. Must watch calories better! Last night was pretty good but that was only because I had an emotional fight with husband for no reason and went to bed hungry at 2300 calories LOL Poor poor me I might starve to death over here. The fight was over him coming home late cuz of work and they gave him pizza for staying late and he wont admit to it. I am a mess.

I finally took a baby bump photo. I am still not getting much of a bump for almost 18 weeks pregnant. But that's what I got so far.

Ok this is irking me, as usual something always is these days. My mom keeps telling me how she carried all her weight in the front if you saw her from behind you wont know she was pregnant. WTF is that supposed to mean?? Do ppl usually carry babies in their hips and ass? No! So what your telling me is you hardly gained any weight. Got it, good for you. Me on the other hand I will be carrying the baby in my ass and anywhere else cuz I am just not so lucky. Thanks mom!
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    Hooray! I loved swimming when I was pregnant. I missed the hot tub afterward though ;)

    I've heard that "carried all in front" thing before. Since having kids I get what she means - there is a woman I work with who is carrying it all in her butt and hips - she hasn't gained a lot of weight pound-wise, but the weight she has gained hasn't been going to her stomach. She's got wide hips to begin with so the baby is sitting lower. Iam super short waisted so I was all out front - there was no room between my hips and my ribs (literally about an inch between the top of my hip bone and the bottom of my rib) for them to sit so I showed super early - even more so my 2nd time. I gained a TON of weight (70 lbs my first time, 50 my 2nd - ending up at 230 at the end of both pregnancies) and it was allllll in front. So I think that's what she means.

    Either way though you're doing great. No matter what I did I was just destined to be that weight at the end of my pregnancies. I totally slacked on my first pregnancy and ate everything I wanted and didn't exercise at all, the 2nd I went to the gym EVERY DAY and tracked EVERY BITE and stayed in my calorie range darn near every day and still gained. Your body will do what it needs to do to keep that baby healthy.

    Regarding a comment you made in a previous blog about the excess tummy skin and a cute pregnancy belly - I never got to enjoy a cute pregnancy belly. I always had this spare tire of fat hanging off the bottom - it was so gross. The top always looked cute but the bottom was yucky.

    You're looking awesome! Can't wait to see more progress pics! you're almost halfway!! Are you going to find out the sex?
    1443 days ago
    I'm glad you are back lifting at the gym. The pool would feel great to me.

    I love pizza. I can't resist it. I think cravings while pregnant are more physiological than emotional. I'm not big on dairy but craved ice cream when I was pregnant. You may need the dairy.

    You look great. I didn't have the cute bump in the front. To be honest, I just kind of got wider. The male R.N I worked with said I was as wide and I was tall - lol -and I only gained 7-11 pounds. Maybe it's better to not have such a stretched out stomach.
    1445 days ago
  • DNJEN471
    I had so many people make that same comment to me when I was pg. Really? How is that comment suppose to help me in anyway? haha! Your hips spread- they are supposed to. How else do you think you're supposed to push a baby out. They may think that they didn't get wider- but I guarantee they did! emoticon
    1445 days ago
    You are AWESOME. Don't listen to your mom! Just keep exercising and feeling good. You look amazing!!!

    I've been to the pool twice this week and have been disappointed!!! Not big enough, not enough lap lanes, and too crowded! I don't do the classes, I just want to swim laps. Do you have any tips on getting there when it's not full of people??? I'm so frustrated!!!
    1445 days ago
    LOL about your mom - you are so funny!!!!!
    1445 days ago
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