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Decisions, again.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'm just a little confused, I was talking to our neighbor, and I was just stopped in my tracks for a moment, unsure of how to respond to something she said, I guess because, 1-she has such a strong personality, and 2-I totally wasn't prepared for what she said.

She's an incredibly nice lady, but I never thought she was an athiest. She told me today her mother was such a strong Christian, and then went into "how can anyone believe a snake talks to people and someone turns water into wine, or a virgin has a baby without having sex, if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you", without stopping talking, and then went on with "and if a man can take a loaf of bread and feed thousands, why cant he come and feed the hungry now" and I just watched her go into a constant rant from there. And to top it all off she said "and if people don't want to believe in my belief in fairies, then why should I believe in God?". I didn't know what to say to her, and she's a nurse.

I just wanted to say something about how she could stand there and see miracles happen every day with people coming back from the brink of death etc etc, but I knew she'd find some way to excuse it. I didn't say anything, because at the moment I just couldn't think of anything, of course now I can, but honestly, I don't think it would matter with her, her mind was set and she was determined to try and change mind, which she never will.

The thing is, she wants me to go to a rennaisance fair with her sometime between now and Labor Day, and I'm not sure I really want to anymore. I don't know, 1-I'm not sure I can afford it; you have to dress in that kind of fashion which means I'd have to buy all those clothes, and 2-money for gas and to get in, which isn't that cheap, and 3-money for food, too, 3-we don't have that many weekends free because my husband has been working a lot of overtime and well, the free weekends I'm sure he'll want to go up north.

I guess I really don't want to go, I just kind of lost interest once she started in on that, it kind of offended me a LOT. I guess everyone should have the right to believe however they wish, and my belief in God is always first and foremost to me. I won't force it on anyone, and I don't believe they should try to force me to believe otherwise.

Ok, I'm done, I'm going to go enjoy my day, and I hope you enjoy yours.

Another pic of my beautiful Niece from yesterday:
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    Bless your heart. Somewhere along the line something has happened that has blinded her. Prayers. I wouldn't go either. With your strong beliefs, the day could possibly end up in very negative ways. When I hear things like that I walk away unless the Spirit is REALLY urging me to stay and discuss, otherwise it's like the saying"don't cast your pearls before swine". Don't be shocked. Satan has a way of twisting things. The lady, to believe in fairies...well, she may be educated..but that doesn't make her intelligent. Hang in there. God is showing you diversity most of us rarely get to see. Be blessed!
    1951 days ago
    Pray for her.
    1951 days ago
    Religious beliefs aside, she doesn't sound like a positive person. That would suck the very life out of my bone marrow. So, I know for me, I'd have no problems honestly saying to her, "It is so nice of you to think of me, but I cannot go with you." Period. That's just me.
    1951 days ago
    i think she just needed to vent to someone i myself don't believe in a christian god so i can't say much but maybe she was just tired and needed to talk
    1952 days ago
    I agree with you......You need to spend time with people that are positive and share your common interests,etc.....She sounds like a Debby Downer who enjoys bringing people down........Don,t waste time with her.... emoticon
    1952 days ago
    Stick to your belief. It is so sad when someone turns their back on God.
    1952 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1952 days ago
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