Going for the Extreme In The Journey!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I've always loved the IDEA of extreme sports.

Not all of them, but...

Wow... extreme skiing!? Used to watch incredible movies showing incredible athletes soaring down mountains that seemed impossible to navigate. LOVED THE THRILL OF JUST WATCHING!! I could FEEL it... albeit vicariously.

Surfing!? Again: have always loved the way the best of surfers glided with grace against the odds of huge waves, bending, reaching and dipping as the waves roared under, around and over them! When in Hawaii, I'd sit on the beach (November - March is surf season there) and bask in that feeling that even watching gives! Had I gone to Hawaii in my 20's I'd probably have been some sort of surfer 'groupie'.

Can I do such things myself? No. Never could. You have to be not merely in great physical shape but also dedicated and incredibly, unusually talented to be Extreme in anything.

Today I watched a video, a compilation of extremes.
It made my heart soar.
Ok... at the end... but... that's another story.
One of the thrills of being extreme is that incredible sensation of defying the odds and winning.

So here I sit, thinking about these wild people who do what excites me and remains outside the realm of my possibilities and ... guess what?

I think I, too, am Extreme... in my own tame way!

How can that BE?!

You know:
"Like There's No Tomorrow"

The difference between my exteme and theirs?
I play it safe, do nothing dangerous.
The similarity remains:
Though I'm a major turtle in my own adventure,
I just keep on going, just like any brave Extreme sportsgal should!

Consider your absolute ultimate of DREAM GOALS!
Consider yourself to be the extreme skiier...
Here is your journey, complete with the thrill of accomplishment at journey's end...
Listen to Ken Bradshaw in this video... and THINK about the parallels:

and remember...
Once the goal is attained, another thrill always is ready to pursue!
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