Size Six Jeans Challenge: Day 1

Monday, June 09, 2014

Today was a good day. I just got fed up with myself over the past few days. With letting laziness creep in when I should be working out; with letting myself buy things I know I will binge on, and then bingeing on them, or bingeing on danger foods at my boyfriend's; for letting one drink turn into two or three more nights a week than not; for ordering out... two nights in a row...

Yesterday, as a part of a major bedroom de-clutter project, I found and hung up this pair of size 6 jeans that I bought at a thrift shop a few months ago, reasoning that if I'm a 6 dress, surely a 6 jeans would fit me soon... and unfortunately they are still FAR too tight. (Remember, a 6 "curvy" works for me, and a 6 dress, but as a pear/hourglass, I may have a 30" ribcage, but I carry a huge percentage of my weight in my hips and thighs. And my soft, squishy bits are in my belly. Needless to say, this particular pair of buttery, gorgeous, perfect, jeans does NOT fit yet.)

I WILL NOT let myself sit on the couch or lie down and read for the whole day, nor even half the day. (Unemployment problems!) I will keep up with my housework and prepare fresh foods and track snacks and meals ahead and STICK TO THEM, and drink my water and take my supplements and drink my Healthy Fasting when I feel like munching. And I am going to pledge a total alcohol consumption per week of 4 units (which I will consider 4 shots, 4 small glasses of wine, or 8 uber-light (55-cal) beers).

I will keep going to Body Pump (I did today!) at least once a week and the gym at least three times a week. I went to a yoga class again finally, which I am proud of since it was a goal. I am proud that fitness is what I center my day around, and I will continue to schedule it in somehow when I do get a job!

I cried during that yoga class, though, and I felt a little bit like crying in Body Pump today... I am still so WEAK compared to others. Fifteen years I've been practicing yoga and can't do an arm balance. Over a year since I've been working out and lifting weights and I still can't do a proper lunge... my teacher wants me to do them with no weight, lest I blow my knees out. I can't do real push-ups still, not with any kind of form; certainly not the number we're asked to in class. My Wii Fit, while sometimes thinking I'm a yoga master, by other measurements thinks I'm something like fifty-seven. So depressing.


I will emoticon because I know that the stronger and fitter I get, the happier I am overall. Why does it have to be so SLOW though?
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    Oh goodness. I could just hug you! Forget what your dang wii says, you're amazing! :D Like SOOOO amazing! And considering that I keep forgetting that you've told me your approximate age and keep thinking you're in your late 20's (and I'm not even remotely kidding about this) I'd say your wii can suck it. :D Progress when it comes to strength and balance can take a LONG time in my experience, I've no doubt that if you keep at it over the next year, you'll find yourself that much closer to being able to do some of these things. Yoga is so crazy difficult too. To this day, I've never sweat as much in a short period of time as when I did Yoga once many many years ago. I definitely know you'll be in those jeans come fall if you push like I know you can. Probably sooner even! :D
    2499 days ago
  • BOPPY_
    Recognition of issues and problems is good. Commitment to a plan to solve and avoid the issues and problems is the next step, no?

    But first let's recognize your success! You got to the fitness classes, and you exercised. That's a success. The best celebration for such a success is more of the same. Why, because that makes a better you, and THAT is the BIG REWARD! Congratulations.

    And, realize I "just discovered" that Lebron James is a better basketball player than I ever dreamed of being. However, I was on program all day yesterday, while he lost a second NBA finals game. emoticon

    You're a success, but you must remember what success looks like, and how best to celebrate it, IMHO!

    Lee emoticon

    2503 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/13/2014 12:15:52 PM
  • JSPIN74
    You're not alone sister!

    The good news is you're doing & looking fab...getting healthier as you strive...still I know it's tough to know/feel like you should be stronger/better. It's the plague of our lives! We're tough on ourselves (that is a good & bad thing). Also appreciate your progress & continued journey (preaching to the choir right? I'm the SAME way)....but really we're here & trying to be accountable, alive, awake about it all...I don't think we could do more...well maybe we could...but you know what I mean...

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2504 days ago
    I am so happy that you have a great mindset and you are ready to go forward! Let's do this together! I have a picture of some capris that I need to fit me!! Let's work together to get to that point. How could I have helped you yesterday with your pizza episode? I know I'm going to be in those situations too so let's compose a plan and hold each other accountable the next time we are put in a "pizza" situation! Especially with the summer here and all of those BBQ buffets and yummy desserts! Also, I want to see these jeans that you are so eager to fit in! And another thing ... Do you have a membership to Gold's? I do too and know all about the Body Pump class ... we can challenge each other! When did you last weigh in? Should we both weigh in on Friday and set some goals for the 7 days that follow?! Let's do this!!
    2505 days ago
  • SUMMER2203
    omg i relate to this entire thing SO MUCH!!!! firstly, totally with you with the clothes challenge -- i have a very similar body shape...well, maybe more hourglass, but definitely problem area in the stomach/HIPS!!!! i am excited to fit into some more of my clothes :)

    secondly, i just revisited jillian michaels' 30 day shred (aka the workout that i did when i started losing weight over a year ago) and while i am fine with the cardio, i was STRUGGLING through the weights portion. any interest in creating some sort of strength training challenge?? (i always do better with goals!)
    2507 days ago
    You are doing awesome, and I know you can do this. Think of how far you've come! emoticon
    2507 days ago
    You are doing AWESOME D. You are an inspiration to all of us. You'll get there. I completely understand about upper body frustrations. I've never had any kind of strength there. Something to work on. Maybe next month it'll be the pushup challenge?
    2507 days ago
    I know what you mean. I have a lot of time at home lately, unfortunately that means plenty of opportunity to lounge around, reading or browsing the internet. I will overcome my inner bookworm tendencies, and you will too! emoticon
    2507 days ago
    Gypsy, you know that when I first came to Spark YOU were the inspiration and the most encouraging part of my journey!!! I wish I could be that for you in return now! YOU, my darling, are VERY beautiful as is, I know you have a ton of goals and that's excellent to continue to challenge yourself, but please, don't be too hard on yourself! You're living your life! You're being human. It's okay not to hit those perfect yoga poses or have a set lunge. You're out there and LIVING it, doing the work, yeah, I know. YEARS! But, I promise you're worlds better than me, and you're worlds better than you were a year ago even! You know I heart you! You'll get into those Size 6's! And if you don't, that just means you're too much woman for those beanpole jeans! :P
    2507 days ago
    2507 days ago
    Oh sweetie, don't be so hard on yourself.. Just stay awesome and the rest will fall into place! I think you are doing so well!

    I know all about the jeans, we are pretty similar in our body-shape, and for me finding jeans that will fit both my thighs/butt and my waist is a challenge. (I like to think that the jeans are wrong, not me.) I have found a few styles that will fit both my 29 inch waist and my much wider bottoms, and I stick with those.

    2507 days ago
  • no profile photo HOTPINKCAMARO49
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2507 days ago
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