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Sunday hubby and I had a "date lunch"

Monday, June 09, 2014

It was very much needed time out from all the young ones...much as we love them LOL
We decided to drive down to the Wilderness area because its always enjoyable in that place.
This is taken from the very top of what is called Wilderness Heights.

Wilderness is a small holiday resort in the Western Cape, and has an incredibly laid back feeling, just what we needed. The drive to get there is also very pretty and scenic. Its green, lush and has houses, but they are dotted here and there and usually not even visible till you are almost on top of them which makes you feel like you're the only people on that mountain road.

We have had strange weather which is becoming a familiar statement by folks all round our globe. Whats weird is, normally this time of the year we are in full blown winter, but now we have strange hot days with spats of biting cold, followed by a day like this one HOT AND HUMID??? Even the trees dont know what to do, these trees are normally not in flower at this time of the year, but here they are....in full blossom?!

The drive to Wilderness is through the farm lands and its beautiful to see the various animals along the way. This bull was just stunning, and kept in an enclosure which was a thinnest twine type fence which you can see in the picture. Guess, he didnt realize he could bull-doze through it with his sheer size, unless of course hidden in the twine is a small electric current?? But hes beautiful hey, big doe eyes, like he wouldnt hurt a fly...till the cows are in season and then all hell probably breaks loose.

From the top, there is a look out called The Map of Africa and you can see why it is thus named when looking at a map of Africa....natures is amusing!

We passed the farms and finally just as we came over the hill, we had our first glimpse of the sea. The weather was so clear, we could see forever once we cleared the trees.

We had to wind our way down the mountainside, over a lagoon to get to where the restaurants and coffee shops are.

I've often wondered why people plan these tropical palms, they grow to their heights and can only be seen from a distance, but I must say, grown like this, they are very stately and beautiful.

Once we decided where to go, a place called Locals, we sadly discovered it was closed??
We had no choice but to walk and see which one of the other coffee shops appealed to us.
I hadnt exactly planned on walking LOL, my knees were still killing me from the evenings dancing the night before....still the walk is pretty. We crossed the little bridge to get where we were going with its bank of greenery.

We passed this person roller blading with a kid running alongside him, despite his running, he was holding down a very animated conversation. The joys of being young and fit. emoticon

I have poor hearing, but even so, there were so many bees buzzing around these red hot poker plants, that I could hear them. Such busy little chaps.

If I was a bee predator, this little one would be in serious trouble...up to his "elbows" in "sweets" emoticon

Close by, were some gorgeous strelitzia plants. My ex husbands aunt, could never remember my name and always called me Strelitzia, even our anniversary cards came to Vernon and Strelitzia emoticon

These plants are also sometimes known as Birds of Paradise and they really do look like birds when seen en mass. They are striking plants and do well in vases, lasting for nearly 4-5 weeks before starting to drop their petals or lose their color. I love them.

We finally got to a place called Cocomos. Their bright purple tables were a pretty sight and basically how we chose where to go....lol....what can I say in our defense?

I chose a table that was right next to these palm trees which kept us in the shade. It had some forest creeper spilling out of it and the effect was super.

We ordered our food. I chose off a light meal menu and got Moroccan chicken strips with a salad....totally delicious and very filling at a cost of R45.00 while Justin.....

ordered off the main meal menu. He chose hake and chips at R80.00 and I chuckled when our food came, because his was double the price and I had almost as much food as he did at half the price. But all said and done, the food (both dishes) were well prepared and very tasty.

While our food was great, our waiter was annoying. I have no idea why every sentence he said ended with a snorty laugh, but it was quite disconcerting. I'm seriously peaceable, but I finally asked him if he was nervous? He looked at me as if I had gotten there from another planet lol.
I cant say the questions changed anything, so maybe it was just an irritating mannerism which didnt suit me.

After paying our bill, hubby dearest offered to walk back and fetch the car for me which I was happy about and i sat watching the comings and goings of people. This youngster decided to make use of the warm weather and dry his wet suits while having his lunch....clever use of time.

This woman, however took her dog from the front of her vehicle, and put it in the back. I always worry about animals left in vehicles in the heat...but to give her some credit, she did put a bowl of water in with the doggy and opened the windows.

All that was left was to take another scenic route home. This particular way home is filled with huge shady forest trees and is always cool and as good a dose of therapy as any Ive ever had.
I love this area, it puts back all the "calm" into my life and smooths any ruffles "feathers" I may have had before getting there.

I must say that our drive in this pretty area has brought me right down to a fabulous level of calm, as it always does. Now, for a new week of healthy choices, especially as the warm weather has once more deserted us and another cold front with rain has just pulled in. Time for pots of healthy, hot soup.
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