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Been a while since I've blogged....anything.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

I cannot even begin to put into print what a terrible time I had, so I wont even try. But its as much to say that for the past month I've had everything in the book thrown my way and i'm genuinely surprised that I didnt crack and crumble. What I did end up with was serious fatigue and if I think too long and hard, my head still reels. Sadly, bad things happen to people and most often when we least expect it, which leaves us unable to prepare for it.

But, the good side of what happened was that I had to take care of Axel for 20 days straight...day and night. What I learned about my dear grandson is that his whole little life was fear based. He was afraid of almost everything, from playing in a room alone, to eating textured foods...you name it, he was afraid of it. I spent loads of time on google once I got him to sleep and researched all the various issues I found myself up against and got loads of suggestions on how to fix it. This meant many hours of playing peek-a-boo. This is stuff most of us did naturally with our kids, but this little childs mother did not play any games...of any kind. He was raised with TV. He was also on nappies even during the day. So, that had to be attended too. He went to sleep any old time he finally chose to, and I had to teach him to go to sleep much much earlier and also to go to sleep with story time, as apposed to noisy kiddie cartoon movies...too many things to mention. I'm happy to say that he has worked as hard as I have, and is a much more balanced little chap. He can now spend ages on his own in a room all by himself. He can enter a room without a light on, does not wear nappies any longer and the list of improvements goes on and on and on. Hence, I am worn out!!!!!

Anyway, that merely explains my absence in general on sparks and everywhere else.
Daniel is back and loving the new Axel and loving the early bedtime routine. Its as simple as
1-2-3. Seriously, just bath, pjs on, bedtime story, kisses and cuddles and THATS IT!
No discussion, no begging/praying for the tot to dose off.

On Saturday evening, I was invited to go along with Daniel and Izelle (the new young lady in my sons life) to a "long arm" dance. Its the Afrikaans version of ball room, I guess you could say, just a lot more jittery and floppy...not as elegant. Here is a video clip of what its all about...

What I can say, is that it is TREMENDOUS FUN. The evening was a blast. People are extremely relaxed, laugh easily and old and young go spinning around the room doing what is called the SOKKIE (which means socks...because originally...people used to dance in their socks, but that doesn't happen anymore)

I even had a spin around the room first with Daniel while my hubby was plucking up the courage to attempt it. The paint on our faces will be explained.

Hubby is not a dancer and easily embarrassed, but even he couldn't resist the fun atmosphere and gave it his best shot. I was actually so proud of him, because he really is generally a wallflower at dances, it must have taken some pluck for him to actually dance and I think he enjoyed it too.

When we arrived, there were tables with finger foods on each, and candles were being lit by Daniel who was helping Izelle with things.

Her and her parents put this dance together as a fund raiser for some other dancing they do called Volkspele which is Afrikaans traditional dancing and looks like this.

On a separate table, were 3 pots of ultra violet paint for the kids to play with....and play with it they did. Axel made a beeline for the paint and then headed straight out to granny and grandpa.

This is Axel and I standing at the light to show off our art work.

This is Justin and I glowing in the dark....LOL

They had this green strobe light (I think its called) and the little ones of which there were 5 under the age of 5 were allowed to run all around the room trying to stomp on the green dots. Not a single dancer trod on the kids...I was most impressed with their avoidance skills.

And the new...getting to know each other family.

It was an evening filled with laughter, dancing, eating and feel good. Which was much needed by me after the drama I had just lived through in the previous month.

Tomorrow, hubby intends to take me to lunch...away from the young ones. I love the young ones, but Im looking forward to a little "quiet" time. Right now my days and nights seem to filled with talking, talking to someone. Thats great, except I really need to stop listening LOL, I just need some Q.U.I.E.T from the girlfriends and Axel. Its great getting to know the ladies and its really great that they chat so easily, but I get tired of listening and smiling....oh well, I'll get used to my new role in life or die trying.

Hope this finds you all well, and still managing your healthy life style. If not, its a good time to make a new start. I have to get myself in gear also. For a month, I lived on anything that could energize me from sweets, to bread and peanut butter. Obviously I have put on some weight again, but to my delight, its only a few kilograms whereas in the previous years I would have put every last kg back on plus some. Things are definitely improving in my weight loss skills.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • TERRY631
    Missed seeing your posts, but certainly understand now why you have been absent. What a wonderful grandmother you are to little Axel. You and Axel have accomplished so many wonderful, positive new things together. He is so very lucky to have you in his life to be so supportive of him. Hugs to you!
    1742 days ago
    Looks like you had a great time - and you certainly *deserve* it after all you've had to deal with!
    1746 days ago
    The name Izelle is very pretty, love it. You must be so glad Axel is on a regular proper schedule that must feel gratifying indeed~
    1746 days ago
    You are a wonderful grandma. Hugs

    The dance looks like a good time, but the video does not work.

    Hugs Mary
    1746 days ago
    awww shucks Celest we can not watch the video's they say
    can not load

    just to let you know but thanks anyway!

    hey -- figured out how to get on the link thank you
    that is our 50's style dancing .. woohoo
    1747 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/8/2014 10:09:15 PM
    First I am so proud of you for only adding a few kg... YOU are improving! congratulations

    oh my I am crying again for Axel and you both -- but you are a wonderful grandmother and you did what needed to be done -- with God's help I know!
    Celeste you are a wonderful person and now is time for you---take it!!!

    off to read/ see your links

    thanks my friend!
    you deserve to now have some peace and quiet!
    1747 days ago
  • GINA180847
    Oh Celeste, that was the result of all the trauma in little Axel's life. He is so lucky you have given him such a lot of time and effort and brought him out of his babyhood which it was high time for him to be. I am so glad you have been having a good time but I sure understand the need for peace and quiet. We are not spring chickens anymore much as we may look it.
    1748 days ago
    I am glad you had such a wonderful time, it looked like a lot of fun. Great that you are blogging again. I enjoy your blogs.

    Take care!
    1748 days ago
    Great to read a blog from you! You certainly had your hands full, and your research and application of helps for Axel paid off! What a great gramma you are! He is lucky to have you and he'll be so much happier and well balanced. Good for you!
    1748 days ago
    Welcome back. had a jolt today...a visitor came in just as mtg was getting started and she reminded me much of you...but with shorter hair! What a double take I did! Oh how I wish it could have been so!!!

    Enjoyed the pictures. Glad you had a nice time. (btw..links didn't work for me).

    1748 days ago
    Looks like fun. Glad to see you back and still standing despite a tough time.
    1748 days ago
  • MJRVIC2000
    God allows things to crumble so He can built a new and better YOU! God Bless YOU! Vic.
    1748 days ago
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