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Rice Krispy knees--snap krackle pop!

Thursday, June 05, 2014

He said I had actual air causing the crackling! I never expected him to say that. He asked a ton of question to be sure it was not more tearing . Finally he said the pain was coming from the inside of the knee and being referred outward. I did not expect that either.

Ice was a good thing to do.

They did the electric stim on the knee (and my shoulder). The knee probably should have had ice or heat on it. Anyway, He put about 20 pins in a circle around my knee. Acupuncture. One pin went in my hand. Dunno why.... After al that he worked on loosening the knee.

He pushed on a certain spot and said to bend my knee as he pushed. He repeated that about 5 times. Then he said OK try to bend the knee. It bent more than before! He said he was holding a place with I think scar tissue or anyway not parallel fibers. By me bending the knee I was pulling the muscle(I think) through that area. Before that it was stopping me from bending it all the way. emoticon

Later the pain was definitely less and the crackling was less. All doctors I have seen just said cortisone shots or maybe symvisc and eventually surgery. emoticon I really believe too many joint replacement hsurgeries are being done. Not enough alternate treatments are used first.

So I love this chiropractor/acupuncturist!

They have a stronger electric stim machine or maybe it does something else. It is new to them and the company ha s been demonstrating it. It is PEMF pulsing electromagnetic field. I have had it on my twice. I think it took away some pain . He said I'd need more treatments--both knee and shoulder. My problems are long standing.

I asked what he was turning up when he turned it up. He said "gauss." That is a measure of magnetism. It sounds quackish. But I trust this chiropractor. He would not have it if wasn't a proven thing. He used it, too on his hip problem. The machine is so expensive that he has to go in with another chiropractor. Plenty of research as been done. So it is a proven method of treating pain.

One treatment I got on my shoulder let a huge bruise. He warned me that can happen. It was the Graston technique to break up knots of fibrous tissue. I have tons of painful bumps--as does my daughter. (age 32) For this technique metal tools are used. It is quite a bit of training to be certified. And this chiropractor is certified and he even taught it formally. He uses the tools on himself and he showed me. It was near his neck. He us the tools near my knee and on my arm an on my back for shoulder stiffness. emoticon

I go for another treatment tomorrow and then I drive to Buffalo for a week! I am taking my pain patches, ice packs, Tylenol, swim gear with me!

Also pray I can find an appropriate place to live with my disabled husband. I have a couple of appointments to see some independent living places,

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