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continuation from yesturdays blog and stepping out of my comfort zone.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

just as i was about to write the blog yesturday the hospital phoned and changed what they had said in the day,which was why just the word arge was written on it as i had just had about enough so i appologise for that. here is the full update lol

starting at the beginning.my bloods are still high so my urine and liver(with an ultrasound) were checked .they were both ok then they sent me to the vein out patience to check that a nerve wasn´t inflamed for the op.no nerve is inflamed but they oversaw something in the op so i need another operation on the vein,lol.but it can be done after the knee op.the dr´s agreed to do the knee op despite the high bloods and it is/was planned for tuesday.that was what i was going to write in the blog though i am not looking forward to another vein op as it was more painful than i thought it would be. then the hospital rang and said i must got to the dentist first and get an x ray (i have a phobia from dentist from having a very incompetance dentist as a child)and haven´t been for over 20 years.if there is an infection there they wont operate.though i have no pain in my teeth i am not sure if that will not mean there is no infection,lol.anyway was ablt to make an appointment with dentist 11am today.so this is where i was stepping out of my comfort zone as i said i haven´t been for over 20 years.surprizingly enough it wasn´t as bad as i thought it would be.first the dentist is only a 6 minute walk away.i didn´t have to wait(which when i was last at the dentist we had at least 2 hours wait)it was a very posh moden practice smelling of money in the deco(that is just by the by)it was a very young looking dentist.(have you notice the older we get the younger the dr seem to get?)he said i needed a root canal done but it was only mildly inflamed so he didn´t think it should effect the op on the knee and could be done afterwards.so contacted the hospital who of course said no they wont do the op untill after the tooth is taken care of(ARGH) so just got off the phone with the dentist and he will do the op tomorrow(HELP)so phoned the hospital back.i am to let them know if all goes well tomorrow and if it does they will operate on me tuesday for definate and i am to be in hospital on the monday 5pm as they are operating first thing on the tuesday i will be the first in.so now i will be buzy .i have to book the ship for lotfi and the boys to go next wednesday the day after my op as we have school holiday starting this friday for two weeks and this will the only time that lotfi can go to see his dad as there is school plicht here and can´t take time out in school term and i will be in hospital and rehab the next two months.so have to book that,pack for them all to go(good job my bag is already packed for the hospital)i don´t know how much i will be able to do tomorrow with the op at the dentist.have to remember not to take my xarelto tonight or they can´t operate tomorrow.have to also try and get to my gp to get an einwiessen/referral for the hospital so they can take me in to operate tuesday.i find it really hard to believe that is really going to happen this time.needing all the prayers ,good vibes etc what you can give me that the op at the dentist goes good tomorrow with no complications and that the op tuesday doesn´t get cancelled and that also goes well.so here is hoping it will be 5th time lucky.thanks everyone for all your continued support.for taking the time to read and comment on my blogs sorry i haven´t been getting round to thanking you all personally.take care and keep smiling
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    OMG Karen , so many op in your way.. I just got my route canel done and I didn't have insurance so it was very expensive dentist vist for sure. Hope you do have great heaelth insurance to cover the all cost.
    I'll keeping sending lots of positive vibe and prayers in your way. Good luck for everything. emoticon
    1417 days ago
    We'll get you through this some way or the other! :)

    Root canals aren't that bad. Sounds worse than it really is, you'll be numb for the entire thing.

    I am sending up prayers that all goes well and you get in to get that knee taken care of.
    1418 days ago
    you are in my thoughts and prayers - it will all be fine .. relax, deep breaths and positive thoughts
    1418 days ago
    Karen love .. They need to clear up anything that can become infectious in your body before they can do your operation .. I am so glad they are looking after you so well ..
    The time will pass and soon it will be all over my darling ..
    Know that I am sending healing and loving vibes your way and my angels will watch over you ..
    emoticon emoticon
    Much love as always my dear friend .. Love you ..Susie xx
    1418 days ago
    Karen... i had the same thing... forced to dentist... so they did one tooth (i had three more that were supposed to be done... ) but they decided to just do what i needed for my body and use antibiotics... of course i haven't been back to dentist but do need to do that..

    i know dentist was scary for you... you did great!!!! and you will do great!!!!

    with care,

    ps you have SO many people from all over the world pulling for you!!!

    1418 days ago
    Good job of it. Wishing you luck tomorrow. Hope all goes smoothly.

    1418 days ago
    Seems like it could all be coming together for you - I sure hope so!! Hang in there, it will happen!

    1418 days ago
  • JUDITH1654
    I've never heard of such a thing - wanting you to get your teeth fixed first. Well, at least they're thorough. So glad it wasn't a bad experience for you. Know you'll be glad when this is behind you.
    1418 days ago
  • CIPHER1971
    And breathe, you will get it all sorted; you will not forget anything you need to remember; it will all go smoothly.
    1418 days ago
    sending prayers and good vibes that everything will work on for the best. emoticon emoticon
    1418 days ago
  • MUSIC66
    Op goes well at the dentist hope and
    Prayer ur knee op
    Is on tuesday
    1418 days ago
    Praying that it all works out for you.
    1418 days ago
    Praying it happens for you this time, Karen!! HUGS!!!
    1418 days ago
    I hope you can "enjoy" the time in the rehab and build up your strength for everyone's return. Hopefully they will feed you nice food that you haven't had to prepare and wash up after.
    Sending a cwtch, xx
    1418 days ago
    I'm sorry this has been such an ordeal for you!

    Hoping you get it done -- and have a very speedy recovery and then maybe it will all look "worth" the stress of the whole situation.

    1418 days ago
  • SAASHA17
    hugs...in my prayers and Thoughts...all will go well!!

    1418 days ago
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