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Growth Spurt

Thursday, June 05, 2014

It's been a long tiring week. I guess the baby was going through a lot of growing this week cuz I feel like I have no energy in me at all and my stomach is getting a little bigger each morning. I made it to the gym on Tuesday morning and then I was absolutely wrecked for the rest of the day. Been concentrating more on my steps and trying to get at least 12000 if I can't get to the gym. The pool at the gym has been down for almost 2 weeks so that doesn't help matters. Which means my friend that teaches water will be back. She took time off from the gym cuz she isnt working and making money and doesn't wanna pay the daycare costs. So no lifting buddy this week either. Which is probably just as well, with my energy levels being awful. Next week will be better. Pool will be back, hopefully, never hurts to take a week off here and there if I can replace it with walking.

This shouldn't be driving me nuts but it is. I have this skin on the top of my stomach that never went away from losing all my weight. I feel like it's biggest part of my stomach sticking out right now. Hopefully it just irons itself out and I have a cute pregnancy stomach at some point. This woman came into my work a few days ago and she told me how she is 12 weeks pregnant and can't do anything. HA! She was 5 weeks behind me and I do a hell of a lot more than gardening and she looked about 2 months ahead of me. I am refraining from lifting. Kinda hurts the ego, used to be able to lift 50-70 lb boxes at my other job and now I am not allowed to lift a 35 lb pot. This man asked me to lift a big house plant yesterday and carry it (since I don't look pregnant). Ready to look pregnant, ready to not tell me, I am pregnant. I know I know it will come. I love talking to the girls at work about pregnancy, they think of pregnancy as "a parasite that feeds off you". Yes yes keep thinking like that, that is a great way to think at your age and then lift that 50 lb bag for me.

My agenda for the day is walk the dogs, make granola bread and watch a lot of tv on netflix. Have a good Thursday everyone!
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  • DNJEN471
    That in between time can be rough- looks like a bump... Maybe preg... There were days I just wanted to wear a sign around my neck saying- "yes- I am pregnant!"

    I'm glad you're following the lift restriction, but still staying active. When are we gonna see a bump photo?
    1473 days ago
    Congrats on your pregnancy! You are such a motivation! I was sick my entire pregnancy, had a seizure and a stroke in my eye, pre-eclampsia, hallucinations after he was born... hyperthyroidism... etc. Threw up every day at random times for the whole pregnancy and somehow worked as a night RN the whole time. There were days I thought I might die. I literally couldn't work out despite working out almost every day prior to pregnancy. I would throw up more than once during the course of a walk. I'm a type 1 diabetic so that added to my problems despite excellent control of my bloodsugars while pregnant. Had a c-section too which had a tough recovery. It's a blessing to have a complication free pregnancy and i hope it stays that way for you. My son was born in December totally healthy so it was all worth it. Good luck!
    1473 days ago
    I must have fallen off your subscription list! :( I think you look fabulous. I wish I looked half as cute as you do when I was pregnant! I always seemed to look more like Jabba The Hutt. :/

    Do you know how you are decorating the baby's room yet?
    1473 days ago
    I can't wear whatever I want at work so maternity tops are out.
    1475 days ago
    There will be weeks like that where your energy flags but it sounds like you coped really well with it. Getting in the steps should help you a lot.

    I think the maternity tops are a great idea. They make some really cute ones now. Even some really cute swim suits.
    1476 days ago
    Yes - definitely go for some cute maternity tops! You're far enough along that it wouldn't be weird to wear them, lol...the test just turned positive and you put on maternity clothes, that's your stage, totally appropriate, lol :)
    1477 days ago
    LOL - I'm kind of in the parasite school of thought. You could always try wearing maternity tops even if you don't absolutely need them - that way the customers won't ask you to pick up the heavy stuff.

    Just wait until the kid is 2 or 3 and still wants you to carry him/her around - you'll get all the weightlifting you want!
    1477 days ago
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